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5 Abraham-Hicks Processes For Abundance

By Stephen Winters

There are many Abraham-Hicks processes for abundance, too many to include in a single article. So, here (following my investigation of many forums, blogs and websites) are five that have proven to be particularly popular and effective.

1) Which Thought Feels Better? This is a simple process for generating positive thoughts. The more positive thoughts you generate, the less room there is for negative thoughts and the more positive thoughts become second nature to you. Think about an aspect of your life you feel needs some improvement. List five thoughts that relate to it. Which of those five thoughts made you feel better? Keep that thought, scratch out the others. Now, you need to come up with a thought that makes you feel even better in relation to this aspect of your life. Keep doing it until you have five thoughts, each making you feel better than the last.

2) Segment Intending. This is essentially about breaking your intentions down into small, manageable and, most importantly, immediate goals. So, for example, immediately before you go into a job interview, you set the intention that the interview will go well and you will be confident and articulate. It’s important to note here, that you are not pursuing the goal of ‘getting the job’, because that is a future outcome. You are purely looking at immediate intentions and results.

3) The Book of Positive Aspects. The purpose of this process is to increase our positivity perception. Using a notebook (your Book of Positive Aspects), pick a subject. It can be a person or an activity (your job, for example), but the exercise will be more effective if you pick something you don’t feel particularly good about. List all the positive things about your chosen subject. You’ll find there are more than you imagined. With practice, you’ll also find yourself finding ways to ‘re-describe’ negative aspects of your subject in a positive way. For example, your supervisor no longer ‘gives you hard time’, instead he or she ‘tests, and consequently strengthens, your patience’.

4) Magical Creation Box. This process helps you focus on what you want and creates a real sense of anticipation that these things are imminent. You can either buy a beautiful looking box or you can make one using materials from an arts and crafts shop. Either way, the box needs to look special in some way. Label it your ‘Magical Creation Box’. In the box put symbols of all the things you want. Images cut from magazines and catalogues work well. For example, an image of a sandy beach from a vacation brochure can be used to symbolise an exotic holiday. Add to and revisit your box often.

5) The Prosperity Game. Each day, imagine you receive a check for $100. Imagine spending the money. All of it: no savings or investments are allowed. Really visualise making your purchases and enjoying them. The next day a check for $200 arrives. Repeat the same process. Each day a new check arrives for double the amount of the previous ($400, $800, $1600, $3200 and so on). This process helps you to achieve wealth perception. It prepares you for the receipt of wealth. If you aren’t prepared for wealth, do you think it will really come to you?

Good luck.


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