5 Biz “Truths” That Don’t Apply to Conscious Creators

By Jeannette Maw

Whether we have a traditional job or run our own show as a solopreneur or business owner, we’ve likely heard what’s required to succeed …

We’re supposed to research the market, identify pain points and confirm proven needs. They tell us that the customer is always right, and hustling is required.

You know what? That’s a bunch of crap.

And conscious creators know it.

Because we know where results really come from …

It isn’t from jumping through muggle-made hoops; and it isn’t from a roll of the cosmic dice determining our fate. It’s from our reality-creating habits.

Which is why it’s worth remembering that the “rules” or “truths” commonly expounded in business are optional.

If it feels good to engage these things, then do. If it doesn’t, skip them! You can opt out – and still succeed – if there’s no joy there.

(In fact, if there’s no joy there, these “truths” are more likely to hinder your success than support it.)

So don’t let anyone tell you this stuff is required in order to succeed in work or business:

Myth #1: Know your market.

You don’t have to research the competition or survey your audience about price points or locate your prospects before you proceed. What you choose to create in your business is outside of these muggle constraints. Don’t fall for it! You are unlimited as to what you manifest when you engage your true creative powers.

Myth #2: Find a need and fill it.

They tell us to make sure there is an actual need for what we’re offering before we try to make a living with it. But that’s not how the system works. If you have a desire to offer something, your customers automatically exist. You don’t have to research pain points or survey the marketplace to confirm their existence. If you want customers and believe in them, they’re there. All you have to do is become a vibrational match to receiving them.

Myth #3: Get ready to hustle.

We’ve all heard that there’s no gain without pain, and that failure is imminent if we aren’t willing to work our asses off. But conscious creators know that struggle and sacrifice does not put is in good alignment with our highest success. Inspired action is what we’re much better off engaging rather than overworking ourselves into exhaustion and misalignment.

Myth #4: Make a realistic plan.

Goal setting and business plans are a staple in the professional world, because they believe we can’t hit the target without knowing how we’ll specifically get there. While it’s true that seeing possibilities about how we could achieve success can be empowering (it boosts belief), it can also backfire by closing us off to universal magic. The “hows” are not our job. Our job is to focus solidly on the “what” and allow the best path there to reveal itself.

Myth #5: Know your numbers.

They say if we don’t have the right measurements in place we are at a loss to control what we create. But everyone has likely felt the disempowerment of taking score too soon. And it’s the vibration that matters more than the numbers. Get a good vibration going and you’ll get good numbers to follow. (If/when you feel like looking at the numbers.)

And don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness of unique selling propositions, or 30 second elevator speeches, or essential social media tactics, or policy and procedure docs, or personal branding benefits, or catering to customer needs, etc.

Because you don’t need me to tell you what rules you can ignore. That’s what your inner guidance is for.

When something doesn’t feel fab, that means it’s not for you. There’s either a better perspective to see the situation from or it’s just simply not part of your path.

This actually goes both ways, though …

Sometimes there IS a traditional truth that feels very good to honor. So don’t dismiss everything just because muggles quote the importance of doing it.

Trust your higher wisdom within and let that be the truth you follow.

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