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30 Days,  Money

5 Steps to a 30 Day Turnaround

By Jeannette Maw

If you’re not happy with your money situation and would like to change it (and believe it’s possible), you’re ready for a 30 day turnaround. Follow these steps to guarantee yourself a new money story within the next 30 days!

1. What do you want?

First figure out what your target is. If you just filed bankruptcy and you want a millionaire dollar bank account next month, (although it’s possible) most people can’t sincerely embrace that expectation. Choose the best thing you think could happen within the next four weeks. Make it big, but believable (believable to yourself that is, don’t worry what anyone else thinks).

2. Powerphrase

Next step: choose a new mantra. What’s a mantra? Guaranteed you’ve already got one, you just might not know it. It’s the phrase (or phrases) you repeat to yourself day in and day out. To effect your 30 day turnaround, replace your old mantra with a powerful new one.

Maybe you have a habit of saying “It figures” or “This always happens to me” when something goes south. When someone asks how you are, do you respond with a resigned “Same ol’ same ol’” or “Another day, another dollar”?

It’s time for a new phrase! Make it short, powerful and juicy. Not like a tired old affirmation, but something energetic and new. Consider an empowering sentence from a movie or song or celebrity you enjoy. Maybe James Brown’s “I feel good!” or “Right here, right now” by Fatboy Slim, or Mr. Rogers’ “I like you just the way you are.”

3. Unload Something Heavy

Make room for good money things to happen by eliminating something not-so-good. Whether it’s a relationship, an outfit, a commute, a cluttered closet or a responsibility – identify something you’re not enjoying and unload it.

Yes, it might be scary. Yes, it will be life-changing. Creating a vacuum makes space for something new to materialize. It will raise your vibration and dramatically enhance your 30 day turnaround with money.

4. Collect Evidence

This step in your 30 day turnaround involves becoming a detective of sorts. Look for evidence that things are going your way. Not just in the area of money, but in all areas of life. Notice when you have more energy, when you receive compliments, when work goes smoothly, your nights out are more enjoyable, you have a great hair day, when you get unexpected breaks in expenses that come up and when extra money starts trickling in.

Notice and appreciate these things. You might start a list so you don’t take them for granted. It’s a sign your turnaround is in progress! As you notice these things going right, you’ll find more and more evidence to add to the list!

It’s also helpful to flow some appreciation for the good things you’ve got right now in life. A supportive partner? A green lawn? Stable job? Decent health? Full tank of gas? When you feel the gratitude for the good stuff, you get more good stuff.

5. Inspired Action Only

Stop doing things that don’t feel good, and start doing things that do. This step by itself can turn your money situation around on a dime! It’s easier said than done, but start with baby steps.

Instead of watching the kids for your sister (again), take a couple hours to goof off at the book store. Or instead of going out with the date who always ruffles your feathers, spend an afternoon with your nephew. (Whatever works for you, remember.) Practice taking inspired action only.

Power Through It

Lastly, throughout these steps there will be times you get discouraged that nothing’s changed and you’re still in the same financial boat.

Things are changing, you’re just not seeing physical evidence yet. It’s crucial you power through this period of believing, but not yet seeing. This is where the magic is! Knowing that things are getting better before they actually are.

In the middle of a Disney movie there are scenes where it looks really bad for the hero. But we adults know Disney movies always have happy endings. Remember you’re creating your own movie, and you get to choose the ending. Power through these dramatic scenes of your life right now knowing the good parts are just around the corner.

It’s only 30 days! It doesn’t last forever, and once you get to the other side of it, not only will your money life will be dramatically enhanced, but so will all areas of your life!


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