Everything in your life is affected by the Law of Attraction (LOA). It is the basis of everything that comes into your experience. An awareness and understanding of the Law of Attraction is essential to living a life on purpose.

Christa SmithHi! My name is Christa Smith and I am the creator and manager of the Law of Attraction Resource Guide website.

I started the site in 2008 with the intention of gathering and organizing law of attraction information for myself and any other interested co-creators.

Over the years it has become a labor of love, and in my opinion, one of the most thorough law of attraction resources on the internet 🙂

Here you will find the best Law of Attraction resources available to help you align with the most powerful law in the universe! There are hundreds of LOA articles and videos with information, tools, tips, and techniques to assist you in creating a life of freedom and joy!

As you grow and reconnect with who-you-really-are, your life will improve.

When you begin to live life deliberately rather than by default, you will:

  • Find vibrational balance and become a joyful creator
  • Achieve your desires and fulfill your dreams
  • Relax and maintain well-being
  • Attract healthy, harmonious, loving relationships
  • Heal your body and enjoy vibrant health
  • Create a satisfying, joyful career
  • Attract money and financial abundance

There is something here for everyone! I hope you will explore this site and apply what you learn. New posts are added regularly so please visit often to be inspired and educated.

Knowledge is power. Step into your power and be who-you-really are!