Abraham Defines Eternal Beingness
Abraham-Hicks,  Non-Physical

Abraham Defines Eternal Beingness

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript was excerpted from their workshop in Houston, TX on January 23, 1994. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

Abraham Defines Eternal Beingness

Q The Nonphysical Energy which is Abraham, will it ever be in physical form again? Or will it stay on the level where you are now?

A The Nonphysical Energy which is Abraham will always be Nonphysical, but it is projected currently, and has been always in one physical body or another, projected into the physical. In other words, remember it’s not either/or. The physical experience, the physical physicalness…

Q I understand that when you’re physical, you’re also Nonphysical Energywise. But you will not be back in a physical body? Or you are in a physical body somewhere?

A Esther is a physical embodiment of our Energy. Jerry is a physical embodiment of our Energy. Many of you are physical embodiments of this Energy. You see, look at it this way. If Nonphysical Energy always exists, and sometimes it projects into a physical reality, if your question is, “Will that Nonphysical Energy ever be only physical,” we say, no, it will never be only physical.

Q That’s a given, according to what you’re saying all the way around, that you’re always Nonphysical at the same time.

A So restate your question.

Q Well, let me put it this way. From your point of view now, is there anything other than this? Any other level that Energy such as yourself would go to, higher or somewhere else, or is it always coming back to the physical? Is there some other realm?

A The Nonphysical projects its Energy dramatically, flamboyantly, in what you would call millions upon millions of dimensional directions. In other words, you cannot begin to, from your physical perspective, fathom the immensity of the Nonphysical Energy that is flowed. We are in no way limited to this physical environment. But at the same time, do not let that serve to diminish your feeling of value within the scheme of things.

It comes back to what we were talking about earlier, doesn’t it? Without an object of attention, through which the Energy flows, there can be no value. Now, we’re really getting onto something here. You began it, so let’s chew through this just for a moment.

Physical experience provides an object of attention through which Nonphysical Energy can flow. Then the physical Being is the object of attention. As the physical Being vibrationally comes into harmony with the Nonphysical Energy, then, by Law of Attraction, he summons the Nonphysical Energy unto him. As the physical Being summons the Nonphysical Energy unto him and through him, and focuses it to a point of attraction, then the physical Being becomes an extension of that Nonphysical Energy. So that the Creator becomes the creation, becomes the Creator, becomes the creation. In other words, it is what you might call perpetual motion, or perpetual beingness. It is what we call eternalness.

– Abraham-Hicks – Houston, TX – 01/23/94