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Abraham on Menopause

In this video clip Abraham responds to a woman who says she is having menopause symptoms and asks if it is a result of not being connected. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“Your body transitions as you move through time, and so as you’ve had your toddler stage, and your premenstrual stage, and your menstrual stage, and your post-menstrual stage. In other words, you’re moving through time and your physical body is prepaved in that way. In other words, it’s all according to the balance of things as is decided and created from broader, non-physical perspective. It’s all part of the process. But the most important thing we want to say to you, relative to the subject of your physical evolution, is that the more resistance you feel, then the more uncomfortable the evolution of your physical body is. And the subject that causes the resistance to be higher in that physical evolution is the feeling of decline that is often intertwined with the feeling of moving through time. In other words, as you are aging you need not decline.” – Abraham

Video Credit: vio77X