Abundance,  Money

Abundance, Prosperity and Money Creation

by Christina Merkley

Having problems in the money department? Struggling to look after yourself properly? Lacking a sense of abundance and prosperity? Thanks to a conference I graphically recorded years ago, I have a very vivid image of the word ‘abundance’. If you break the word into parts, you get A-Bun-Dance — ‘buns’ as in butt or rear end, dancing. Abundance is literally about moving, shaking and having a good time. Moving to the beat of life in a happy way. Getting your mojo on. Contrast that with the word scarcity — or Scar-City — living in a scarred or scary place. Choosing to focus on scars. Such a contrast between the two words and funny how their meanings can be communicated in such a succinct way!

Are You Vibrating Scarcity or Abundance? So, what locale are you primarily living in – abundance or scarcity? Chances are if you are having repetitive money, prosperity or abundance issues, you spend more time in the scarcity or lack region. The majority of your focus is on the things you don’t have (the scar) as opposed to on the things that you do (abundance) — and as a result you are vibrating a scarcity harmonic rather than a prosperity chord. Your energy or vibration is out of whack. Money and other forms of prosperity and abundance can’t easily make their way to you — cause you are vibrating lack rather than have and like attracts like.

How to Get Out of Scar City: Different people have their abundance and prosperity issues wired up in different ways. One of the common keys to getting out of Scar City is to develop an appreciative focus — to focus on what you do have and to develop a sense of empowerment (with a healthy dose of deserving).

There are so many different ways you can choose to view life, yourself and other people. You can choose to focus on the things that you don’t like, or you can choose to focus on the things that you do. The two have very different flavors or feels to them – and are connected to radically different outcomes.

Empowerment and Ability to Create: Abundant people are empowered people. They believe in their ability to create and look after themselves. Somewhere along the line they have developed a can do attitude. They aren’t victims. They are creators. And they have pretty positive beliefs about life, their abilities and their future.

Contrast that with scarcity folks: for different reasons they have less-than-helpful beliefs about themselves and their ability to create and look after themselves. They are disempowered. Feeling like they don’t have what it takes, that things are done onto them, that life is difficult, or the future is unfriendly. Outlooks like these hamper creative energies. Snuff them. Squash them. Keep creativity and sharing energy down and covered. In short, there are some scars to heal and overcome. Some healing work is required.

Share, Give and Help: Want to increase your prosperity? Think about what you can share, give and help others with. Lots of money creation involves reciprocal arrangements. Give something of value and assistance in order to receive. If you are in a salary environment, how can you be more helpful and resourceful — how can you increase the value of what you do, by adding to your responsibilities or by seeking out more (either in the job you are in or through another position)? If you are entrepreneurial, what can you share, give or help others with — the more people you can help the larger abundance you can attract.

Be Open to Unusual Forms: Abundance doesn’t just come in the form of direct income. Be open to receiving abundance in forms other than the usual ones.

Refunds, rewards, winnings, prizes, discounts, gifts and trades are just some of the other ways that abundance can make its way to you. Think of abundance in wider terms. It gives the ‘universe’ more ways to give to you. When they come to you, recognize them for what they are — abundance and a reflection of your ability to create!

Get Over Your Receiving Issues: When you give, it is OK to receive (in fact, if you want to go even further, it really is OK to receive without even giving – but I’ll leave that one for another time). Sometimes people have money issues because they have a hard time receiving.

Somehow they got it wired up that it is bad, wrong, or selfish (or some such thing) to get or receive. Perhaps they are oldest children who were told to ‘be big boy or girl’ which was interpreted as it’s not OK to look after oneself. Or they have faith beliefs that complicate their ability to receive. Or have self-esteem or self- valuing issues that keep them feeling less than or seemingly in need of punishment or containment.

Whatever is going on, it’s necessary to identify and work through these limiting beliefs to develop a healthy ability to receive. You do count. You do matter. It is OK for you to receive too. It is OK for you to live a decent life. To have decent things. To live a life of comfort and joy. There is more than enough to go around. Your having does not take away from someone else. Your success helps many people, while your failure or discomfort really helps no one, most of all yourself.

Put Your Financial House in Order: Money is attracted to a person who likes it and knows how to look after it. If you want to increase your financial abundance, then start by looking after the money you do have. Appreciate it. Treat it properly. Look after it. This means provide a proper home and place for it. Little things go a LONG way. Our minds are symbol making machines. Give your mind good symbols about money. If you are in debt, appreciate and be grateful for what you purchased. Organize your bills. Know what you have and what you owe. Make consistent payments (even if they are small). Take responsibility. Seek out financial advice. Tie up other outstanding loose ends like overdue taxes, filing, IOUs, etc. Get your books in order. As a financially savvy client of mine says ‘money likes to have fun’ — make yourself a fun and enjoyable place for money to reside. When you demonstrate you can look after it you lay the groundwork for more to come.

Envision a Positive Outcome: No matter what your present economic circumstances may be, begin now to envision a more positive outcome. As written about in other SHIFT-IT articles, one of your greatest assets is your imagination ability — and it’s free. Use your mind’s eye to imagine yourself in a more fiscally pleasant future. Feel what that more positive reality feels like. Soak up that resonance. Meet your Future Self that has it going on where money is concerned. Feel the relief of this position. The warmth. The calm. Whatever it is that being in a prosperity position does for you.

Do this repeatedly — get that improved energetic humming through your veins. It may seem that this is just a silly imagination exercise that isn’t really doing much, but in fact it is a very powerful activity that lines you up with the state that you seek – its pre-paving a path (laying the groundwork) for a more prosperous and abundant you.


© 2006 Christina L. Merkley

Christina Merkley, “The SHIFT-IT Coach” and creator of the SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process® is a Visioning and Planning Expert specializing in Graphic Facilitation and Law of Attraction techniques. Based in charming Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, she works deeply with individuals, couples and groups in defining and getting what they really want in work and life. For more information visit: http://www.shift-it-coach.com and http://www.makemark.com