Videos and articles to help you understand where addiction comes from and how to release it or not let it affect you in a negative way.


Tobacco Addiction
Abraham responds to a woman who wants clarity on her tobacco addictions.

How to Break the Caffeine Problem
Abraham responds to a woman who says she has had a caffeine problem for years and it’s the only habit she can’t break.

Abraham-Hicks Transcript

Abraham on Addictions
An excerpt from a workshop in Kansas City, KS in 1998.


“We encourage you not to be too worried about any addiction and instead talk to yourself about making peace with where you are, and as with all things we are encouraging that you little by little, thought by thought, emotion by emotion, get to the bottom what is really the reason for all of that.” – Abraham-Hicks

“There are two parts to the addiction. One is a cellular compensating thing, and the other is the discord in vibration that translates as a void you’re trying to fill.” – Abraham-Hicks