Allowing Within a Structured Teaching Environment

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript was excerpted from their workshop in Houston, TX on January 23, 1994. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

Allowing Within a Structured Teaching Environment

Q I’ve been chewing for several years on purpose and living it most of the
time. And what I do is, I’m a teacher and I teach teenagers. And my curriculum is
so varied that I pretty much teach what I want. It’s a lot of human relations
communications like that. But I also work with adults and help them find their
career. And one of my… I have to say not one of, but my purpose with both of
them is to assist them in finding that path, or that excitement of finding how they
want to live their lives, and what they want to do, and what they want to create.

And in this process, sometimes I get really stuck on, first of all, I have to,
when I’m in education, I have to do it in certain parameters. It’s very frustrating
‘cause I can’t always say exactly what I want to say, or do it exactly the way I want
to do it, although I do quite a bit. And it’s the same as I’m working with adults, I’m
working through a corporation, and I have to follow certain guidelines. And
another one of my frustrations is, what I want to know from you is, how I can
incorporate or how I can allow, be more allowing of people, being where they are
when I’m teaching them? And they get so stuck.

A You’ve offered a number of questions here, and so let us go through them a
bit systematically. First of all, and most importantly, we’re wanting you to hear
this. When you talk about a system that is prohibitive, actions that you cannot take
or words that you cannot offer, even though you would like to… What we would
like you to focus upon for just a moment, is that so far, nobody has established any
laws or rules about flowing Energy. And since the only thing that affects your
experience is how you are flowing Energy, then as you start imaging and creating
mental scenarios, and painting pictures that thrill you, as you start realizing that
your dominant work is not in the arena of moving things around or convincing
people, your dominant work is in you mentally acknowledging a person, holding
them as your object of attention, and then seeing them in the light that makes you
feel good.

Today as Jerry and Esther were driving, Jerry made a statement based upon
something that he’d seen on television where he was talking about legally you are
not allowed freedom. That in this country, that even though they talk a lot about
freedom, that there are a lot of freedoms that have been legislated as illegal. And
then they both concluded while it is the freedom is not legal, the freedom certainly
is the reality.

So what it involves is stepping away from the physical arena that feels a
little binding, and spending more time flowing the Energy, until you feel the
freedom of flowing Energy. And then the physical manifestation will always
follow. We promise you that if you can paint a mental picture and get your juices
flowing about it, that the Universe will deliver it to you. And the world that does
not understand Energy flow, will call it miraculous. And the people that don’t
understand Energy flow will say, “She beat the system.” When all you are really
doing is finding vibrational harmony with your object of attention.

Most of you, as we watch you, even though we know how much you want to
be Deliberate Creators, we don’t yet see much willingness on the part of very many
of you to use your workshop. We see you much more eager about jumping into
action, and much more eager to talk about what has happened, than we see you
willing to identify a scenario and breathe life into it with your thoughts. And we
can only conclude that you haven’t got the picture of Energy flowing yet. You
haven’t felt around in enough boxes of feathers and found enough pearls to
understand that once you find the feeling-place, the physical manifestation always
will follow.

Now, as you’re interacting with people, part of the overwhelment that you
are feeling is that you’re in the job of assisting people in finding their place. And
obviously if they had their place, they wouldn’t come to you. So 100% of the
people that you’re dealing with are not where they want to be in the beginning of
interacting with you. When you are interacting with other physical Beings, unless
you are well connected to your Source of clarity, you can be of no value to them

As you were describing to us what your current profession is, we were
feeling so wonderful at hearing your offering, because what you were describing,
through physical human terms, is exactly that which you had intended as you came
forth into this physical experience. In our terminology, we would say to you, you
are a teacher who has come forth into this physical time and place to assist others
in reconnecting with their feeling of Well-Being.

So as you are wanting to assist others in finding their niche, aren’t we
talking about the same thing? Now, the reason that sometimes you don’t feel very
allowing about them is because you have this passion to help them find Well-
Being, and some of them are so resistant to it. Some of them don’t listen to what
you say, some of them do exactly the opposite thing. In other words, they’re not
taking guidance very well; they’re following in their old habits. What you’re
experiencing is a very strong case of being focused so much on reality of what-is,
that you can’t get to where you want to be.

Have you ever had a situation where somebody was so stuck that you
couldn’t even imagine them not being stuck? Whether it’s a husband or a child,
they have offered such a clear image of who they are, that you can’t see anything
else except who they are. Well, whose failing is that? We’d say, they’ve just done
a good job of projecting whatever they’re projecting.

And so, what you may be saying to us in that situation is, “I can’t see other
than what-is.” And we say, well then you’re pretty much stuck right here forever,
aren’t you? If you can’t see other than what-is, if the only thing you can achieve
vibrational harmony with is what-is, then you can never move from this spot.

But what we keep seeing happening, because the Laws of the Universe are
consistent, and because Well-Being abounds, is that even though you’re looking at
what-is and it doesn’t please you, the contrast of the Universe is paying off in a big
way because you’re living what-is, and you don’t like it. What is happening is,
there is an eruption of what is wanted coming forth within you. So you can’t help
but every now and again catch a glimpse of what you’d rather have.

Well, that’s when they come to you. They’re in that crack. They know what
they don’t want, and they know what they do want, something different than what
they’ve got, but they don’t know how to go about it. So they come to you to help
them facilitate it, but there’s too many missing pieces. And let us tell you why.

If they knew what to do, they’d be doing it. If they knew where to find it,
they’d have found it. So when they are hitting themselves, or you, with these kinds
of questions, it is only aggravating their awareness that they’re not where they
want to be. So what you are wanting to help evoke from within them is they know
a lot more than they think they know. They know a lot more about what they want
than they think they do.

So as you get them to start talking about, “Well, I want more money, and I
want whatever I do to be financially productive, and I want to work with people
that are happy, and I want to feel good about going to work. I want to wake up
eager to go, and when I come home I want to feel like well, that was really good.”
You see what we’re getting at?

As you get them to start talking generally about what they do want, instead
of specifically about what they don’t want, they’re going to come into vibrational
connection with their Inner Being, and ideas are going to start coming to them.
And their passion is going to return almost immediately. Your work is not to help
them find the physical trail. Your work is to help them reconnect with the Energy.
Your work is to help them connect with the Source of clarity that will guide them
to the physical trail.

So as you’re trying to help them find the physical trail, but they’re not
connected to their Source, it’s an endless process. You’re going around in circles.
You have very low success rate, and that’s why you feel uncomfortable, because
you’re not fulfilling the very purpose that you came here to live. Is this all coming
together for you?

Q Yes.

A Get them to talk about what they want and why they want it. Say things to
them such as, “You know a lot more than you know you know. What I want to
hear from you is, what things do you do that you most enjoy doing? And why?”
And guide them through this conversation until you feel them connect with that
Energy. And once they’re connected with the Energy, say to them, “Something
will come up soon.”

How much time do you spend with these individuals?

Q The adults, I don’t spend that much time with. Sometimes a three-day
workshop, and sometimes it’s only two hours.

A Well, in two hours, your goal is to reconnect them with passion.

Q My goal is to get them excited about what they want. And that’s what I do.

A And if that’s the only thing you ever did, you’ve served them well. We
would say that is truly the function of your work. It is the function of our work. But
we can’t, nor can you, offer words that will cause anybody to get connected. The
only thing that will cause them to get connected is to want to be. And it’s quite
nice to notice that when they’re not connected, that’s when they want to be
connected most. So everything they’re living is leading them toward that which is
the fulfillment of our work. They all want it. There isn’t one of them that doesn’t
want it.

If they tell you they want a new house, the reason they want it is because
they will feel more secure. If they tell you they want more money, the reason they
want it is because they will feel more secure. If they tell you they want a lover, the
reason they want it is because they want to feel love. In other words, everything
that every person wants of a physical, tangible nature, the reason behind it, the
reason they want it, is because it causes them to vibrationally harmonize with that
Energy. It is the state of Well-Being that they want.

And so, what you are about, and what we are about, is teaching processes
that cause them to connect with that Well-Being. In reality, physical Earth is a
great big workshop a lot longer than two hours or three days. It’s a workshop
through which people can define their desires, sometimes by living lack of it, but
in every case the workshop is a success. And so, as you begin to acknowledge that,
then you find yourself not feeling tension if you should peep in on somebody’s
workshop when they’re having a down day—or a down month, or a down year, or
a down decade.

Acknowledge that they’re doing the best that they know how to do, and as
you give them the benefit of the doubt, your connection will return. When you are
in the state of appreciating them no matter what, you connect. If you’re blaming
them or finding lack in them, you will disconnect.

Q It’s not that as much as it is sometimes feeling frustrated that I haven’t
achieved what I’ve gone after.

A Well, in that case you’re looking at the lack of your own success. Whether
your lack is focused at them or at you, it’s still lack and your Inner Being doesn’t
agree with it.

Q I demand 100% from myself, which it’s like… Part of what I do, too, is
plant seeds.

A Well, there’s an intention within that demanding 100% that is
counterproductive. Because in that demanding 100%, what you are vibrationally
saying is, “This isn’t easy. Success isn’t natural. We’ve got to struggle and strive.
I’ve got to demand it.” And we say, that is counter to saying, “All is well, Energy
flows, I will step into the Stream.”

Q It’s a matter of time, and they’ll all get it.

A Good, very good.

Q I flow in and out of that.

A Most do, and that is part of the process. When you’re out of it, that’s when
you most acknowledge how much more power there is in it.

– Abraham-Hicks – Houston, TX – 01/23/94