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Attracting Your Soulmate – 10 Top Ways

By Maryann Candito

Attracting your soulmate doesn’t have to be for the lucky ones. You can deliberately create an ideal relationship with the partner of your dreams. Over the years, by working on myself and with clients through law of attraction coaching, I have discovered my own magical formula to help you attract your soulmate and it doesn’t involve waving a magic wand or speaking into a mirror…well sometimes it does but that’s another story!

First off, think about a massive 5000 item salad bar. When you walk down the aisle to put the various toppings on your bed of lettuce you pick and choose only the items that you like. Imagine you have a very large plate and everything you want on your salad will fit on the plate and is present on this salad bar. Also keep in mind that you have no doubts that your favorite toppings will be available as you stroll along salad bar heaven. By the time you get to the end of the line, you have created a masterpiece and your salad is completely by your design, that is law of attraction. It’s the same way with selecting qualities that you desire in a partner. Your soulmate is by your design and there is someone out there that is a perfect fit. Your main job is to tell the Universe what you want in a partner AND in a relationship. This brings us to number one.

1. List It – The more specific you are the more the universe will understand what you want. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the moon. Let your imagination run free. Get in the mood if you have to; put on your favorite romantic music, light some candles, watch your favorite romantic comedy. Just sit back, relax and let your imagination take the reins.

If you are having some difficulties listing then your next step would be to discover your clarity through contrast.

2. Contrast & Clarity – This is a helpful law of attraction exercise. Pull out a fresh piece of paper or go to a new page in your notebook. Go to the middle of the page and draw a vertical line down the center. The left side is contrast and the right side is clarity. On the left side, list all of the qualities you don’t want in a soulmate or what you don’t want in a relationship. Don’t focus on the contrast. Simply list them. Next go to the right side and list the opposites or what you do want in a soulmate or a relationship. The contrast helps you see the clarity in more light. When you are finished, rip off the contrast side and throw it away. Now focus your attention and intention on the clarity – your soulmate!

3. Forgiveness – Through law of attraction coaching, I have noticed that many people, including myself, underestimate the power of forgiveness. It is vitally important when attracting your soulmate to forgive others as well as yourself. When you hold on to the emotional charges around past loves, past relationships and even self blame, you create a wall around yourself which blocks your soulmate from coming to you. Forgiveness allows you to take your power back, release the past and make room for the new – your soulmate!

The 4th step is one of the most important and crucial ingredients to attracting your soulmate using law of attraction.

4. Get Rid of the Baggage! – The baggage that we carry around is really our own negative or limiting beliefs about ourselves, about love, about relationships, well about everything really. The baggage is also old emotional wounds that are still caught up in our body and mind. Carrying around this baggage can bog you down and create a layer of gunk that keeps you from attracting your soulmate. I have experienced the most success in getting rid of the baggage with clients and in my own life through EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. To read more about EFT, visit the official EFT website:

5. Release the Need – This means not needing someone in your life to complete you or fill any voids in your life. You are a complete and whole person and at the same time, you are constantly evolving and growing. In this step, you continue to work on yourself and your past baggage. Remember, your goal is not perfection. Your goal is awareness of yourself and of the issues that you need to work on. EFT is very helpful with this as well.

6. Create a Vacuum – If your schedule is so packed that you don’t have any time for a partner, then there’s no room for one to enter. In this step it is imperative to make room in your schedule and your home for your soulmate. You are creating a void, and the universe will do what it takes to fill this void. Some suggestions are: clear out a few drawers, make room in your closet, sleep on one side of the bed, park on one side of the driveway not in the middle. The universe will jump to action to fill the space with your soulmate.

7. Live Authentically by Living Your Truth – It’s really important to let your essence shine. It is so important to be YOU, be your authentic self, not play some dating game and put on an alter persona to get a partner hooked and then three months down the line you surprise him/her with the ‘real you’. This brings up the question: How much do I love myself? Do I love myself enough to honor the truth of who I am, what I want in life, what I want in a partner, etc? ” If we are living authentically the universe can only support us. It’s when we live un-authentically that we run into all sorts of relationship problems.

8. Living and Feeling As If – Live as if your Soulmate is already in your life. Live in a state of having your soulmate, not wanting a soulmate. Know that your soulmate is with you in vibrational form and believe that the physical form is on its way. Feel As If means feel your soulmate with all five senses. Take time each day to visualize your soulmate and infuse that visualization with details. What does it feel like to eat dinner with your soulmate? What does it feel like it to watch a movie with your soulmate? When you engage the feeling aspect of having, you are really revving up your manifesting power because you are now becoming in alignment with your desires. You are resonating at a place of where you desire to be as if you are living it and that, in turn, raises your vibration to the place of Having not Wanting and that will will put you in soulmate attraction mode!

9. Gratitude – Everyday you should take some time to be grateful for all that you have in your life and all that you will have, once again as if you already have it. By being in the place of gratitude you raise your vibration, thus putting you more in alignment with your desires.

10. Detach and Allow – Release your desire to the universe and trust that your soulmate is on the way.

So are you ready to get rid of the baggage and get busy attracting your soulmate?

Oh what’s that I hear? Ding Dong… guess who’s at the door?


Maryann Candito, Certified Law of Attraction Coach & EFT Practitioner inspires women to get rid of the baggage and get busy creating an amazing life!

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