Become More Abundant Faster by Using the Law of Attraction

By Michael Losier

A Daily Exercise to Attract More Abundance

Michael Shares His Daily Exercise for Feeling Abundant – and Why.

Law of Attraction responds to feelings (vibrations). What if we were able to duplicate the vibration of abundance deliberately? (This is what’s called Deliberate Attraction). Law of Attraction is constantly responding to your vibrations you are sending and duplicating those vibrations by sending you more. So what if while the Law of Attraction is checking your vibration at every moment, that in that moment, you are offering the vibration of abundance? Given the formula, the Law of Attraction would duplicate that vibration and bring you more of the same. That’s why it’s called the Law.

To become a deliberate attractor of abundance you need to be sending the vibration of abundance. That’s the rule. You get whatever vibration you are sending so send out the vibration of abundance every day.

When the vibration changes, the results will change.

Here is a daily exercise that will support you in being a deliberate sender of the vibration of abundance. It’s called the Daily Evidence Log (a place to record your evidence of the Law of Attraction responding to your deliberate attention to abundance.)

Although Law of Attraction does not care if you write it down, I’m encouraging you to write your evidence down because writing it helps you give it attention. The Law of Attraction responds to how you FEEL about; what you say, think, observe, remember or experience.

Each day record evidence of something you’ve attracted that you would deem as being abundant for you.

Here is an example

Daily Evidence Log

Oct 15


-My friend paid for our cab ride

-I got great advice from my mentor

-Free lunch

-Big sale on towels

Why This Helps the Law of Attraction

In the moment you are acknowledging and celebrating your abundance (when you notice you just attracted something for free) you are sending the vibration of abundance. The longer you hold the vibration of abundance, the more abundant you will naturally become. Practicing this on a daily basis and spending 10-15 minutes a day celebrating your abundant-ness when it happens and then taking the time to log your evidence will make a significant contribution to you becoming more abundant.

Will you be starting your Evidence Log today?


Michael Losier, a Law of Attraction Trainer and author, supports people in understanding and practicing the Art of Deliberate Attraction, so they can have more of what they want and less of what they don’t. Michael has been applying the principles of Law of Attraction for many years and enjoys a wonderful and rewarding life in the city of Victoria, BC, Canada. He facilitates a number of in-person Law of Attraction seminars as well as Teleseminars to a worldwide audience.For more articles by Michael Losier, Teleclass information or to purchase the book, Law of Attraction, The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t, visit http://www.lawofattractionbook.com/