Abraham-Hicks Videos,  Vortex

Being and Staying in Your Vortex

In this video clip Abraham talks about getting into, being in, and staying in the Vortex. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

“We will agree that if you’re tentatively in your Vortex that almost anything can snap you out of it. But if you got in, and you got in on purpose, and you milked it, and you proclaimed that you were there, and you acknowledged how it is you got there, and why it is you were able to stay there, you won’t be easily pulled out of it. And when you are pulled out of it, you’ll know how to get right back in. If you spend more time in the Vortex, it is very unusual when you get pulled out. If you spend more time out of the Vortex, it’s very unusual when you’re able to get in.” – AbrahamHicks

Video Credit: Love Transmissions