Belief,  Desire

Belief Not Required

By Jeannette Maw

Conscious creators are taught we need to believe in what we want in order to manifest it. They say without belief our desire can’t come to fruition.

But that’s not the case.

Strong enough desire can overcome lacking belief.

Yes, it works better when we have both (desire and belief) flowing congruently, but things can still go our way even when we don’t fully believe in what we want.

So if you’re having trouble believing in what you want, maybe work the other end of the formula instead …

Desiring the Dream Into Reality

Those who describe this effect use the example of a mom who single-handedly lifts a car off her trapped child. She might not believe she has the strength to accomplish this feat, but her immense desire takes over.

But you see this effect in our own real life examples, too …

Take the time I really really really wanted my favorite cat Merlin back after he went missing for several days …

The last time my favorite cat went missing we never saw another trace of him. So it was easy to believe this was a repeat experience. (Indeed, it was easy to believe I was recreating it due to tremendous resistance from the last time it happened.)

I had searched enough to know for sure he was not on the premises or anywhere nearby. I also knew that in the middle of winter in the northern Utah mountains things didn’t look good for Merlin.

I didn’t expect this to have a happy outcome, but I did my best to relieve myself of the worst thoughts that kept looping through my gremlin-infested mind.

And then one day, there Merlin was at the back porch again! Perfectly dry and healthy and happy – as if nothing had ever happened!

Belief that he would return to me in physical form was not part of that formula. Strong desire was!

And then there was the time I didn’t remotely believe I could build a successful business after I quit my corporate job. (Our coach trainers told us we’d all most likely fail! And I fully believed them! After all, they were the experts. They would know.) But I also knew I would regret not trying because I wanted it so much.

Yes, I used every alignment technique in the book to manifest clients, but strong desire carried the day. Even after it was already happening in real life it took me a while to believe in it!

So don’t get too strung out if you’re having trouble believing in what you want. It can still happen without belief in place.

It Goes Both Ways

If you ever wondered how you got something wonderful that you didn’t expect, it could be a result of this phenomenon where strong desire is enough to compensate for lacking belief.

Same goes with getting the negative things we didn’t expect … strong pushing against can make something unbelievable happen, too.

Case in point for some of us: our 45th U.S. president. (Some of us) strongly didn’t want it; strongly didn’t expect it; and here we are. He’s probably in the same boat we are! Didn’t want it; didn’t expect it; here we are.

I’m not encouraging you to give up all your belief work. Training yourself to expect what you want is a powerful component to successful manifesting!

But don’t get too hung up if that feels like slow progress. Strong desire can take you far!

Sometimes we ratchet down our desire because it’s so uncomfortable to want something we don’t believe in. We try to talk ourselves out of it or resign ourselves to not having it. But letting that desire rip can be a powerful way to call it in!

(Note: pure desire has no attachment or yearning in it. Keep it as clean as you can!)

How to amp up desire? I like Abraham’s tip of just reminding yourself what you want and why you want it. Simply focusing on your pure desire strengthens it. Just ruminating on what you want and why you want it can stack the vibrational deck in your favor.

And that might be all you need to call in the big dreams you’ve been blessed with.


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