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Soul Mates

Can You Design Your Perfect Soul Mate?

By Dr. Kathy Joyce Abbott and Stella Pacific

Brandy Sharpe, a Hollywood makeup artist, had experienced a very bad year romantically, she said. Everything had gone wrong. Her “good lover” had been only that, and the rest of him was a disaster. But then, she admitted, a good lover was only what she had been looking for.

So Brandy and her daughter went to the beach at Malibu on an overcast, coolish January 1st to contemplate their future, get out of the apartment, and basically just get away.

Not Another Year of Misery

Brandy didn’t want her four-year-old daughter exposed to another year of turmoil, nor did she want it for herself. She had had enough, and then some.

Can I Picture the Perfect Person?

So Brandy dug down into the sand and started daydreaming. “What would be the perfect man for me?” she asked herself, and started writing things down on the note pad she had brought with her.

“I was very specific, right down to body size and the darkish Mediterranean skin color that I like. I also wanted him to be at least 6 ft. tall. He needed to be a good lover, but that’s not all. I’d made that mistake before.”

“I wanted someone I could talk to and who would talk to me. I wanted conversation we could both enjoy. And he has to be spiritual. ”

What Qualities Are Important to Me?

“A good sense of humor is also very important,” she said. “And he needs to enjoy his work and make a good living.”

And most important, he has to love my daughter and the rest of my family. We are a big family and I want him to like them and them to like him. ”

“Of course, he needs to be very attracted to me, and I need to be very attracted to him.”

She began to enjoy making her list. She thought about all the things that made her feel good. She thought about the kind of food she likes, and places she likes to go. She added these to her list.

By the time it got too chilly at the beach, and her daughter was all sandy and hungry, she had most of her list of items ready.

Did She Find Her Soul Mate?

That was two years ago. She says she can’t find the list today.

But six months after she made the list, she found the man.

Her list was engraved on her heart, so when a friend introduced them, out of the blue–she recognized him immediately. Without knowing it, she had activated the law of attraction. Now she understands. She knows exactly what she did.

I Actually Found the Perfect Man!

“I actually designed just exactly who I wanted–and I got him. He is exactly what I was looking for in every way. I wish I had known I could do it — I would have done it sooner. We are so much in love with each other! We are so happy! I attracted the man of my dreams.”

Can you design your own perfect soul mate? Yes. That person is already out there. It is your job to attract that person to you by being very specific about what you want. “When you focus on what you want, what you don’t want falls away,” says and Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and motivational speaker.

There are two important things to notice.

1. You must be very exact and specific.

2. What you think about, you will attract, and everything else will fall away.

Number One

So, do the first most important thing, and start your list today. You can use some of the guidelines Brandy used, and you can add your own.

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Good lover
  • Sense of humor
  • Good conversationalist
  • Good listener
  • Spiritual
  • Loves my daughter and my family
  • Makes a good living
  • Enjoys his work
  • Very attracted to each other

Number Two

Now, do the other most important thing. Think only about the person you have described in your list. Let yourself enjoy thinking about your perfect soul mate. Do not spend time thinking about what you don’t want. Erase from your mind all those bad experiences of the past. Rhonda Byrne, author and filmmaker, who successfully designs her own life, says that when you continue to think about what your do want, you attract that person to you. The ones who don’t qualify just vanish.

In Conclusion …

Can you design your own perfect soul mate? Yes, you can; and now you know how to do it. That person is on their way to you even now. Relax.


Stella Pacific and Dr. Kathy Joyce Abbott, the “2 Dynamos,” are miracle coaches to producers, directors, actors and crew members in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Dr. Abbott has a doctorate in educational leadership, and both Stella and Kathy are seasoned educators.

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