• Time, Manifestation, and Taking Score
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    Time, Manifestation, and Taking Score

    The following Abraham-Hicks transcript and video were excerpted from their workshop in Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/ Video Credit: Vortex Joy Deadline dealing without taking score too soon? Q And there are some things that I’m very interested to be part of, that have qualifications to participate. So it has that time factor involved. And how to be able to line up, so I don’t take score too soon. I think that is my question. So I’m able to continue movement. A Well, we would soften our resistance by saying things like, “In this Universe there are no timelines.…

  • Would You Like to Have More Time_

    Would You Like to Have More Time?

    By Kate Corbin According to quantum physics, time doesn’t actually exist. In fact, Einstein postulated that past, present and future are all happening simultaneously. While that may be true, most of us live by the clock and time is very real to us. We often lead such busy lives that the thought of having more of that precious resource we call time would be a godsend. Many successful yet overly busy Americans now consider time to be an even more precious resource than money – often feeling cash-rich but time-poor. We’re always in a hurry. According to Google, if a website is more than 250 milliseconds slower than a competitor,…

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    Use the Law of Attraction to Make Your Miracle

    By Jeannette Maw Have you seen any miracles lately? Or maybe experienced one or two of your own? Do you even believe in miracles these days? Regardless of how you define one, when you start looking for miracles, you’ll find life is filled with them. Even better, when you understand the nature of miracles and how they come about, you can create your own at will. Miracle-making is a highly underrated activity, as many assume it’s left in the hands of a higher power and not within our personal purview to create magic. Although there are books on the subject and plenty of folks practicing it already, most of us…

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    Can Souls Enter Anywhere in a Timeline?

    In this video clip Abraham responds to a man who asks if  a soul can enter a body at any point in linear time for the experience. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/ “When a non-physical energy makes a decision to come into physical experience, it’s gonna be now, it’s not gonna be then. It’s not going to be in the eighteenth century, or the fifteenth century, or the fourteenth century, it’s gonna be now. It’s gonna be now. And now…it doesn’t matter what humans have decided to call now in terms of the year they are giving it, or whatever label they’re giving it, it’s still…

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    The Law of Attraction Time Delay

    By Beth and Lee McCain Don’t tell us you haven’t thought of it. Why does it seem to take so long to manifest certain desires? Why so easy to manifest a parking spot or a penny on the sidewalk, but so hard to manifest that beautiful home and the financial security you want? And is there a time delay in manifesting and creating your desire into the physical? Some things do have a time delay involved when it comes to the Law of Attraction but there is a reason for it. Remember that when you focus on something and put energy into it the Universe is going to bring you…