• Wherever You Put Your Mind
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    Wherever You Put Your Mind, Your Body Will Follow

    By Kate Corbin “Treating the body really is about treating the mind. It is all psychosomatic – every bit of it. No exceptions.” – Abraham-Hicks According to Harvard psychologist, Dr. Ellen Langer, “wherever you put the mind, the body will follow.” Every thought you think causes a reaction in your body. Think about a lemon. Imagine biting into a juicy lemon wedge right now. Can you taste the sour, tangy juice? Do you notice the saliva forming in your mouth? It’s a psychosomatic response. Your body is reacting to your thoughts. The following two studies by Dr. Langer are fascinating and support her thesis that wherever you put the mind…

  • Natural Weight Loss
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    Natural Weight Loss

    Abraham responds to a question from a woman has tried every diet, done every exercise, and still cannot lose weight. Sidestepping the usual – and often frustrating – approaches to the problem, Abraham lays the foundation of a mental attitude that brings to bear the power of Law of Attraction to create the most effective technique ever presented for losing weight. Excerpted from the 2 hour and 20 minute program “Think And Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss” which is available on DVD and CD from Abraham-Hicks. Recorded September 8, 2006 in San Antonio, TX. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/ Video Credit: Abraham-Hicks Publications

  • Can We Lose Weight and Still Eat Whatever We Want
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    Can We Lose Weight and Still Eat Whatever We Want, or Is It Just a Myth?

    By Eva Degano So, my guess is that you’d like to lose weight. But you don’t want to give up your favorite rich-fatty foods, right? As an ex-sugar addict, I couldn’t feel you more! I struggled with weight loss for years. On the one hand, I was sick and tired of being in a body that didn’t best represent me. It wasn’t about the number on the scale. It was about a body shape that I didn’t feel comfortable in. Like wearing clothes you hate. There’s nothing wrong with them! But they’re just not you. On the other hand, I felt like I had to give up every food I…

  • easy weight loss meditation
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    Easy Weight Loss Meditation

    By Kate Corbin “The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein This wonderful quote from Albert Einstein clearly expresses a basic principle of the Law of Attraction and can be easily paraphrased and applied to the process of weight loss. For example: The body you have created is a product of your thinking. It CAN be changed by changing your thinking. So how do you change your thinking? If you’ve been unhappy about your weight for many years, you may find it difficult to change your thinking. You may find it difficult to avoid thinking negatively…

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    Feel Your Way to Weight Loss

    by Kate Corbin “Understanding your own guidance system is the only key to successful life in this physical experience.” – Abraham-Hicks Your emotions are guidance from Source to let you know when you’re in the process of attracting what you want or what you don’t want. Through your emotions, you can connect with Source to receive guidance on every issue in your life, including the physical conditions of your body. If a thought feels bad, it’s a warning that you’re attracting something you do not want. When you notice how your thoughts feel and choose thoughts that feel good, you can feel your way to weight loss — and everything…

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    Want to Lose Weight? Lighten Up!

    By Kate Corbin “We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” – Carl Jung Are you very unhappy with the number you see when you step on the scales or the silhouette you see when you look in the mirror? Have you been very unhappy about your size for a very long time? If so, it may sound impossible to lighten up and accept where you are. But the thing is, as long as you remain unhappy about your weight, you’re insuring that the pounds stay on. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, by focusing on what you don’t want, you’re creating and…

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    Debunking the Weight Loss Myths

    By Kate Corbin “Argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours.” – Richard Bach Do you hear yourself saying – I want to lose weight, but…? Do you buy into these kinds of limiting beliefs? I want to lose weight, but it’s too hard. I want to lose weight, but I would have to give up my favorite foods. I want to lose weight, but I can’t help it – it’s genetic. I want to lose weight, but, after a certain age, it’s just impossible. If you want to lose weight and, at the same time, you’re telling yourself why you CAN’T lose weight, it’s like driving a car…

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    Positively Expecting Weight Loss

    By Kate Corbin “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.” – Mohammed Ali What do you expect? Do you expect to be able to eat whatever you like and not gain an ounce or do you expect to gain five pounds just walking past a bakery? With positive expectation of your perfect body, you attract your perfect body. With negative expectation, you perpetuate your overweight condition. Positive expectation is a joyful, enthusiastic feeling that adds power to your desire. Positive expectation kicks it up a notch, as Chef Emeril would say. Do you know the story about the pony in the dung heap? The…

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    Align and Dine

    By Kate Corbin “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.” – Erma Bombeck Dining is one of the most enjoyable activities we engage in and many of us have gotten so concerned about what we eat that we rarely if ever enjoy this wonderful activity. We eat food we don’t like because it’s supposed to be “good for us” and we avoid food we love because we’ve been told it’s “fattening” or “bad for us.” Even when we eat the foods we love, we may be so consumed with guilt or fear, that the pleasure is lost. With the Law of…