Better Life

Creating a Better Life

By Beth and Lee McCain

In order to create a better life for yourself it is going to take change, and that change starts within your own mind. And as you learn to shift your thoughts from the negative to the positive you will find that life will begin to show a change for the better.

When we think repetitive thoughts that keep us in the same life loop it takes a change in our beliefs to create a new positive experience that we are happy to wake up to. Begin by observing your random daily thoughts. Are they a combination of worry and doubt or are they a mix of worry, joy, and possibly fear? Do you focus on the good in a situation or are you the one who complains even on a good day?

Begin digging deep within yourself and seeing where most of your daily thoughts lie. Then you can begin changing what you want for a life you want by shifting focus. Let’s say you desire a wonderful new life full of joyous experiences. You never want to have to worry about money or relationships ever again. You want a life that is just as you dreamed of. You begin to visualize and think about the life you want, envisioning a day in your life as the perfect day.

See it as if it is happening right at this very moment and build the wonderful feelings that are ‘in the now’. Do this as often as you like through the day but if any doubt seeps in, shift your mind to something else for a time. It isn’t in the visualization that causes a manifestation to slow down; it’s in all the daily stuff you deal with that creates a bit of a chaotic flow. In such circumstances you can go from joy to worry, frustration to happiness, negative to positive, and that creates a vibration that is a mixed signal.

Then begin working on how you react to situations. Retrain your mind to focus on the positive no matter what the situation may hold. Some will say, “How can you possibly see the positive in that situation?” But you do your best to find something that feels positive within. Our eternal self within is purely positive. It understands unconditional love and knows success. When we are able to draw from that source within, the one that is eternally connected to the Universe, we find that everything is really fine.

We find that no matter what is happening in this physical world we are always eternally at ease within. Finding the vein within you is a treasure. It will guide and help you to understand that by relaxing and seeing all with ease you are signaling to the Universe a life of ease.

But first begin with your daily reaction. When something that normally frustrates you can be reacted to in a different way you’ve begun to change your old way of thinking. Knowing ease and that all is well within in any situation – even if you can’t figure out what is going to happen – will bring you ease. If you’re unable to think of a positive scenario, just shifting to a neutral state of mind can help. Neutral is better than an intense negative emotion that is signaling the Universe to ‘bring me more!’ But don’t stay in neutral for too long.

Look at it this way. When you drive a car you move forward in drive (the positive). If you go in reverse you move backward (the negative), and when you are in neutral you go nowhere. So make sure that once you’ve gotten to neutral, shift (think) forward. And instead of anticipating the worst you assume the best. You shift from negative to positive. It’s just as easy to worry about the worst as it is to assume the best. Both of these ways of thinking determine your life experiences through thought and focus. Don’t you think it would be better to live life assuming the best? As you begin to make these changes and gently retrain your old way of thinking to a new direction you will find a new life of new, positive experiences to fill your days.


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