deliberate creation
Deliberate Creation

Deliberately Manifesting Your Most Awesome Future Self

By Christy Whitman

Think back to a time earlier in your life when you were in the midst of some kind of a challenge. Maybe it was a problem you were having with a boss, or a breakdown in a relationship with a family member or friend. And now imagine if you could go back in time and talk to that younger version of you, bringing them all the wisdom, strength, and perspective you now possess. What advice would you give to yourself? Chances are, the older, wiser person that you are today would have a lot to offer the younger version of you, right? Well, this same phenomenon works in both directions in time.

There is principle in quantum physics which states that all time is simultaneous. This means that both our past and our future experiences have the power to influence our experience of the present. In the same way that you have more awareness today than you did five, 10 or 20 years ago, there is an expanded version of you that exists in this moment in time that holds all the wisdom that you will come to realize five, 10 or 20 years in the future. Once you know how to connect with this future version of yourself, you can bring its broader wisdom and awareness into your present – and as you do, you avail yourself to resources and possibilities that may now be hidden from your view.

By definition, your future self is a wiser, more expanded, and more mature version of you than the “you” that you are currently expressing. In actuality, there are thousands of possible future selves that you could live into, depending on the choices you make. You could choose to manifest a future that will be depressing or disempowering. And you also have the power to call into being a future that will be awesome beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. You are the one who gets to decide which of these possibilities becomes realized. Whichever possibility is the most nourished by your energy and attention is the one that will manifest in your life.

To manifest your most awesome future self rather than leave that future to chance requires a basic understanding of three fundamental skills:

The first skill is being able to imagine your ideal future, so that you can see it clearly in your mind. This part of the process is about letting yourself dream as big and as freely as you can so you can conjure a clear image of what you desire to experience in some key area of your life.

The second skill is learning how to connect with your vision so that you feel the essence of what you will experience once your desired future comes to fruition. So for example, if you want to transform your physical body or your level of vitality and wellbeing, begin to imagine how it will feel to interact with others while expressing yourself through your most ideal, awesome body. Would it feel like freedom, success, or sensuality? Would it give you the sensation of being sexy, powerful, or grounded? To connect with your most awesome future self, simply ask yourself, “What is the feeling that I want to experience in this particular aspect of my life?”

The third and final skill is learning to expect that the future you’ve envisioned and connected with is right now in the process of unfolding. Positive expectation is about believing that what you desire is possible; that you are capable of creating it; and that you are deserving of having it.

The gap between our current reality and the reality we desire always comes back to what we believe is, and isn’t, possible. Many of us cling to disempowering beliefs about ourselves – not because they’re true, but because they represent our automatic and habitual ways of thinking. What we don’t realize is that our limiting thoughts consistently lead us to create the same familiar outcomes, like a groove in a well-traveled road. Imagining, connecting with, and expecting your ideal future self to emerge is a powerful process for breaking free from these ruts in your perception.

By establishing an energetic relationship with something you want to experience in the future, you open up an infinite number of ways for your future self to communicate with you. It might inspire you to explore a resource that ends up expanding your business; it could provide a clue that leads you to making an important acquaintance or even meeting your soulmate. It might call you to take up a new hobby or to pursue some long forgotten passion.

By nourishing your connection with your future self with your energy and attention, you strengthen the lines of communication between you. Like the cord that sustains a baby in her mother’s womb, this connection becomes a source of inspiration and clues; a lifeline pulling your toward the future of your dreams.

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