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Earth Day & Law of Attraction – How to Effectively Create the Change You Want

By Jeannette Maw

April 22nd marks the celebration of Earth Day, launched over three decades ago when 20 million Americans demonstrated for a healthier planet. How far have we come since then, and how effective are our strategies for change?

From a law of attraction perspective, we still have lots of room for improvement. Many of us don’t use the power of our vibration effectively, and instead slow our efforts by having a sabotaging focus.

Listen to some of the goals and mission statements of various “save the world” organizations:

  • “We tackle the most serious environmental problems.”
  • “No compromise in the defense of Mother Earth!”
  • “An anti-nuclear protest and lobby group.”
  • “Safeguard the earth; defend natural places; protect nature; stop the fouling or depleting of resources that support life.”

Although it might seem noble and politically correct to protect ourselves or fight against something we view as “wrong,” feeling the need to protect or defend means we’re flowing negative energy. The belief that there is something we are “against” calls forth contrary, fear-based energy. As we engage that energy we actually strengthen the very problem we’re trying to change.

The challenge doesn’t stem from just the mission statements of organizations, but also in the thought patterns and actions of group members and activists. Which would be fine if that’s the way the world worked. If we could stop something by pushing against it we’d have had much more success by now!

But that’s not how it works. We don’t get what we want by fighting against. What we resist, persists. (As evidenced by our well-funded wars against drugs, terrorism and cancer.)

For Effective Results

So what’s a good activist to do when seeing something gone “awry”? An effective approach is simply to align (in thought and action) with what we want rather than with what we don’t want.

Since whatever we push or fight against we create more of, the trick becomes giving up the resistance while still allowing the change we want to see.

A redirected focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want creates a completely different energy, manifesting more positive results.

Here are examples of group mission statements that line up success:

  • “dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream”
  • “supporting people’s active engagement in creating a just, sustainable, and compassionate world”
  • “dedicated to aggregating a massive nationwide movement by communicating a positive vision”
  • “creating a new generation of young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world”

More and more proactive organizations are learning to ground themselves in a more positive focus.

We can practice this same “pro” instead of “anti” strategy in our own efforts to create change in the world. Instead of chastising restaurant owners for using Styrofoam containers, suggest they provide an earth-friendly alternative. Rather than glaring at SUV owners at the gas station, praise the carpoolers at work. When contributing to our cause, rather than focusing on those working against us, notice the other volunteers who devote their time and money to help.

This subtle perspective shift contributes to dramatically more successful results.

Making Peace

Another important key to effectively creating change is to make peace with what is. That may seem contradictory – or even impossible – to many, but when you understand how the Law of Attraction works, it makes good sense. Recognizing that all is well allows us to release the resistance that prevents positive change. As long as we are “against” anything, we’re adding more power to that very thing.

Releasing resistance allows movement, and the best way to do so is make peace with what is. Easier said than done sometimes, but when you realize its power you’ll have good inspiration for practicing it. As long as we’re attached to results or cling to the notion that things have to change, we keep that change from happening.

Three Steps to Change

So how to be an effective agent of change? Here are three powerful steps to get started:

1) Get clear about what you want. You can use what you don’t want as a starting point in gaining clarity, but that’s as much as the contrast will serve you.

2) Learn to stay focused on your desired end result. Whether it’s through symbols, photos, mantras, or deliberate choice of language, get in the habit of looking in the direction you want to go.

3) Take action that feels good. Let inspiration be your guide. Because like attracts like, we don’t get good results by taking action that feels bad. If it doesn’t feel good, it’s not taking you to the outcome you want.

When we embrace these principles, there is literally no limit to the magic and miracles we can create. Our power as creators affords us the ability to achieve the “impossible,” whether that’s a restored and healthy planet or simply an employer that agrees to turn the lights out. Do yourself and the causes you care about a favor: stop fighting against what’s wrong, and use your power to fuel what you do want.


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