Every Dollar Needs a Job

By Jeannette Maw

You know how border collies go a little crazy when they don’t have something to do? They’re super smart dogs that aren’t designed to sit around the house all day while their people are away.

In animal rescue world we see many highly active, highly intelligent dogs surrendered by owners because they don’t know how to successfully integrate this kind of dog into their lifestyle.

Dogs develop behavior issues when their energy isn’t properly channeled and their active minds aren’t well-stimulated.

It’s the same with money.

When our money doesn’t have something to do, it doesn’t thrive the way it could. Money languishes when it isn’t channeled well.

It wants something to do. It wants a focus. It wants a job.

Preferably a fun and challenging job.

Think about it energetically … wanting money just for the sake of accumulating it in a musty bank account isn’t highly attractive. How fun is that to just sit around with nothing to do other than stay put? Your money wants direction and purpose! It wants something fun to do!

That’s why having a purpose for money excites it to roll in. (Remember that strong desire is one of the essential keys to successful manifesting.) When we have something delightful for money to do, it gets busy! When we give it a good reason for being here, it thrives. When we direct it for something specific, it responds better than when we just have some vague desire for it to grow bigger.

If you haven’t yet properly given your dollars a job, it might be worth doing two things:

1. Get clear about what you want more money for. Have a specific enjoyable reason for it to come to you. Know why you’re calling it in. I’m not talking about those fantasy checks we write in our law of attraction money games. I’m talking about what you want to do with it in real life. And if you say “paying off a loan” I would invite you to consider how exciting that is for money. (Not!) That’s like asking a border collie to sit and stay (i.e. torturous). Yes, by all means, pay off the debt. But having something more fun in mind will amp up the attraction factor.

2. Give your existing money a purpose, too. Tell it what it’s for. Give your existing dollars a good job. In muggle world they mean this as budgeting your entire income. But I think of it more like having some legit responsible fun with your current money. It attracts more! That doesn’t mean you have to spend every dollar you have to get more to come to you … although that can be an effective money attraction activity. I’m just saying give both your existing cash and future cash something fun to do. A little direction goes a long way in getting it here.

If you aren’t already employing your existing dollars in fun and exciting ways, that might be your best ticket to attracting more.


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