Learn the best way to deal with family dynamics; how to deal with conflicts, blended families, and how to tell a new family story.


Telling a New Family Story
Abraham explains that because the old story has been practiced so much more, a new story can sometimes be challenging.

Blended Family
Abraham responds to a woman’s question regarding her responsibility to other family members.

Her Son Has Chosen To Exclude His Family
Abraham responds to a woman who says her son has chosen to exclude the family from his life and it is sometimes hard for her to come to terms with.

My Family Makes My Life Hard
Abraham responds to a woman who says her family makes her life hard.

Dealing With Family Issues
Abraham responds to a man who is having family issues.


“It is not control of your family’s behavior or beliefs that you seek, but control of your ability to see them as you want them to be. And when you gain control of your thoughts and are consistently in alignment with your ever-evolving, expanding version of their happy, successful lives, your power of influence will be such that others watching you will wonder what your magic is.” – Abraham-Hicks – The Vortex