Foolish Concept of Suffering

The following transcript was excerpted from the Abraham-Hicks Mexican cruise workshop on January 23, 2010. You can follow along with the transcript below. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

Q Hi Abraham. Thank you. I have a question about something that you addressed yesterday, the wave, and I had a misconception for the earlier part in my life that my goal as a soul was to work as hard and as fast as I could to learn lessons. So I put myself through a lot a struggle.

A  A lot of people do that because there are so many people who surround you who, in the short term, believe that they benefit by your compliance with their goals.

Q Well, I thought that was…

A People will say to you, and really mean it, “Don’t you dare be selfish and follow your bliss. Do what I need you to do so that I can feel better.” So it’s a pretty easy cycle to get caught up in.

Q And I thought that suffering was the quickest way to evolve as a soul. So I was very depressed, and I was an addict and I actually just wanted to check out…

A Before you, before you go further, we wanna stay there and savor the importance of what you just said a little bit because we want you to just feel for a moment, how you now understand, you know so completely, how screwy that concept was. How completely, completely – let’s see if we can find the very best word for that – how completely idiotic…

Q Insane. Insane.

A It is to believe that the good that you’re reaching for comes through the path of suffering.

Q Right. So…

A And, and, anyone, or any culture, or any group consciousness that believes that, has to be so removed from their Vortex, in order to even come to such a crazy conclusion. Wouldn’t you agree?

Q Absolutely. So it was…

A We’re glad.

Q [Laughs] I’ve had lots of practice. So the wave you were talking about, my visual when you’re talking about that was, um, now I know what it’s like every once in a great while when I’m in the Vortex, of being on top of the wave, like body surfing, and seeing everything clearly, and that, that flow of being carried, but what it was like then was being caught in that riptide and constantly being turned in those negative thoughts and being caught and caught, and smashed…

A Good analogy. Good analogy. It’s the same analogy that we offer that, when you’re in the car going 100 miles an hour it can be a really high flying ride, unless you hit a tree. And if there are a bunch of trees on your road, then the tendency is to want to slow way way way way way down, so it’s not so painful when you hit the tree. But the problem with that is you don’t have a fun ride.

So the answer to both brilliant analogies is releasing resistance, is what we’re talking about. Releasing resistance so that you can flow freely.

Q So the first way I tried to release resistance was to get it pounded out of me by the turmoil. Now I’m, I’m releasing resistance by the fun of the ride.

A Alright, now, for the rest of this conversation we’d like to hear your new way and we would like you to omit the old way. Because every time you tell the story it keeps a residual of it active within you, even though you believe you’ve moved on, you still keep it active every time you speak it, every time you repeat it, every time you explain it.

Q Thank you. So my new way is to think that, what you said yesterday, was that every time your in that struggle, that your depositing something equally, strongly into the Vortex?

A Equivalent. Equivalent and on the other side of the wave.

Q So then I think there must be so much on the, on the top of the wave, that I have an experience…

A Yes…

Q …that’s there’s so much in the Vortex that I’ve…

A There’s a nugget we want to give you, and that is – that acknowledgment, and we know you acknowledge it completely, we felt it fully from you, about how much you’ve put into your Vortex of creation, now gives you reason to love every miserable moment for what it caused you to deposit here. And…

Q Absolutely.

A That will cause you, in a powerful way, in one sorta fell swoop, to release the resistance of that and receive the benefit of it.

Q What a miracle.

A Blessed all. Blessed all. Thank you struggle. Thank you trouble. Thank you that side of the natural wave for this side. Good.

Q Yes.

A Really good.

Q Thank you.

A So we think that now you have a whole new way of telling that story.

Q I do.

A So, wanna give it to us or do you want us to give it to you?

Q I’ll try it out first. The power of the top of the wave is such a strong perspective, the contrast of it, the ride of it is so smooth and beautiful, and it, I have that perspective of seeing it because I also know what’s underneath it. I know the power what’s underneath it, but I now can surf on the power of what’s on top of it, and I can really enjoy the ride…

A And now say the most important part of all…

Q The most important thing is that I feel good and that I enjoy the ride.

A And it was so worth it.

Q And it was so completely worth it. Every particle of it. Thank you. [Applause]

– Abraham-Hicks – Mexican Cruise 1-23-2010