grief to joy
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From Grief to Joy

In this video, Abraham helps soothe the emotions of a woman in grief about the recent death of her father and her mother’s terminal illness and explains the death transition, the meaning and cause of grief, and how to move from grief to joy using your emotional feedback system.

Excerpt from dvd From Grief To Joy: Moving Up The Emotional Scale, by Abraham-Hicks.

“When someone that you care about goes away, whether it’s a lover leaving, or someone moving far away so you don’t see them, or somebody having their what you call death transition, and you think you’re missing them, you’re not missing them. What you’re missing is the alignment you had before you were focused in this way. In other words, grief is not sadness that your father or mother died or are dying. Grief is the missing of who you are. Grief is the feeling of you vibrating over here when you’re really vibrating over here. Grief is the feeling of separation…” – Abraham-Hicks

Video Credit: Abraham-Hicks Publications