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Get Paid Using Law of Attraction

By Jeannette Maw

Someone owes you money or is slow to pay? While it’s easy to blame the other for the situation, that energy isn’t likely to help you get the money you’re due. Use the Law of Attraction to let the payday in.

First of all, know you played a role in this co-creation. Things don’t happen to us that we’re not energetically aligned with. That’s good news because it means as you shift your energy, you also change what you’re getting. You hold the reins, rather than just being a victim of someone who isn’t paying what they owe.

How to use the Law of Attraction to get the money flowing in? Simple: shift the energy. Specifically, shift YOUR energy. You’ve got to change how you feel before you can get what you want.

There are a variety of ways we feel when someone’s not giving us what we think we earned: upset, angry, resentful, fearful, victimized, resigned, ungrateful, etc. And we know what that energy attracts, right? More reason to feel that way. So that doesn’t work.

Before someone can pay us, we have to feel a way that’s aligned with the result we want. How will you feel when you’re paid in full? That’s what you want to feel now.

For me personally, getting paid what someone owes feels like relief. Relief of those bad feelings I was trying not to flow while they owed me money!

The work is to feel this way before they pay you. I know it can be tricky, but think of it as good deliberate creation practice. They’re giving you an opportunity to flex your manifesting muscle! It helps to find new thoughts that allow for new feelings. Get creative in finding which ones work for you.

While I’m noticing someone still owes me money, and growing more irritated with every week that passes without payment, or even word from them that they intend to pay, I’m flowing energy that keeps that payday in the future. In this way I’m responsible for delayed payment.

To bring that payday to the present, I have to feel now how I would feel then. So I practice feelings of relief; that “FINALLY!” feeling. I imagine the feeling of a clean slate again. Maybe running “It’s about TIME!” through my head or “Thank goodness!”

Those positively aligned feelings are the key to getting paid.

As you flow this newly aligned vibration, check in on whether it feels good to take any particular action. Does it feel good to send a reminder invoice, make a call, or ask for a signed promissory note? If you take any action, make sure you do it with the feel good “I just got paid” energy or at least “I’m on way to being paid” energy – not the “ticked off I’m still not paid” energy. It makes all the difference in the world!

It also helps to release your attachment to receiving the money. If you can find your way to knowing you’ll be fine whether you get paid or not, that helps let the money in too. Easier said than done, I know, but it works if you can get there. (You have to really mean it for it to work, not just saying the words. The Universe knows the difference.)

I’ve had luck in the past with this forgiveness affirmation from Catherine Ponder:

Holding the person you wish to forgive in your mind, state your affirmation of forgiveness something like this:

“I forgive you completely and freely, I loose you and let you go. So, as far as I’m concerned, the incident that happened between us is finished forever. I wish the best for you, I wish for you your highest good, and I hold you in the light. I am free and you are free, and all again is well between us. Peace be with you.”

You might have to read it a time or two before you feel a shift, but stick with it. That shift is what releases your attachment to getting paid, which is very likely exactly what allows you to let the money in.

Remember that according to the Law of Attraction we can only get what we vibrate. So as you flow feelings of resentment, you can’t get results that feel like joy or relief. Find your way to feelings that are aligned with what you want, and let the money roll in.


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