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“Your natural state is one of wellness, one of absolute health, one of perfect bodily conditions – and if you are experiencing anything other than that, it is only because the balance of thought within you is toward the lack of what you want instead of what you do want.”– Abraham-Hicks

Click on the links below for videos and articles on how navigate the different aspects of physical health from the perspective of a conscious creator.

Health & Body – View all health and body categories.

Addiction – Learn where addiction comes from and how to release it or not let it affect you in a negative way.

Aging – Will vitality continue, gravity and aging, menopause, and natural aging.

Allergies – Learn why people have allergies and how to uncreate any allergy.

Alzheimer’s – Learn the truth about alzheimer’s.

Breathing – Deep breathing moves the energy in your body, releases resistance, and aligns you with Source Energy.

Cancer – Find out how cancer is created and why it often spreads so rapidly upon diagnosis.

Cells – Cells are vibrational consciousness and are being affected by the tuning of the vibration of your mind.

Cravings – What is a craving and how to deal with it.

Exercise – Learn why exercise is advantageous to our physical well-being.

Food – Learn about natural foods, raw foods, junk food, food additives, how your beliefs about food affect your health, the benefits of blessing your food, and more.

Healing – It is possible to heal from any condition when you distract yourself from it and allow a different vibration to dominate.

Sleep – Find out the real benefit of sleep and how to wake up feeling positive, refreshed, and rested.

Weight Loss – Learn how to lose weight naturally. It’s all about vibration.