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How The Healing Process Occurs

In this video clip Abraham responds to a man who asks “Have I misplaced my holistic healing focus but I bring more cost benefits to my patients to only provide them joy based psychotherapy in the Abraham tradition?” Extracted from the Abraham-Hicks Health & Well-Being DVD.

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“Well if every patient were in the same place and every patient were ready to be receptive to this then we would say you would be better to put your attention there. But you too are a bridge builder you see. And so, when you have a patient before you that is not thriving, and does not understand why and wants to, what you have is a situation where what they’ve been living has caused a focus desire within them, a desire where they are currently nowhere near vibrational harmony. So, as you offer your particular brand of dog and pony show, as you are quoting from previous questioners, what happens is sometimes the offering of that action, you put them in the place of greater willingness to be receptive for greater vibrational receptivity to the desire that they’ve already achieved.” – Abraham

Video Credit: SereneandPeaceful