How to Make Affirmations – Develop Your Own List

By Philip L Bourdon

Here’s a plan how to make affirmations. Follow these steps and you will soon have a list of affirmations that will encourage and equip you in attracting the forces, people and circumstances that will bring you success and prosperity.

Here’s the plan:

  • Develop a list of Keywords.
  • Develop a list of positive feelings and goals that you desire.
  • Plug Keywords into affirmation statements.
  • Arrange and re-arrange the Keywords into a list of affirmations.

Develop a List of Keywords

These “keywords” are words that have strong, positive feelings associated with them. Most of them should be action words. I’ve arranged my own keywords into groups that begin with the same letter. Once I started this process, the question of how to make affirmations became simple and clear.

Here are my lists by letter:

  • Purposeful
  • Proactive
  • Positive
  • Prosperity
  • Plan/Plans/Planning
  • Passionate
  • Power/Powerful
  • Path/Pathway
  • Attitude/Attitudes
  • Action/Actions
  • Achievement/Achievements
  • Accomplish/Accomplishments
  • Attract/Attracting
  • Affirm
  • Abundance/Abundant
  • Abundant
  • Encourage
  • Equip
  • Effective
  • Exciting
  • Establish
  • Energy/Energetic

If you just try to “feel” these words, you get a sense of strength, power and action. They are a great foundation for learning how to make affirmations.

Develop a List of Positive Feelings and Goals

An important aspect of the affirmation process is developing a list of where you want these affirmations to take you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Success
  • Prosperity
  • Happiness
  • Abundance
  • Joy
  • Satisfaction
  • Strength
  • Greatness
  • Attractive
  • Love

You’ve got the keywords as well as the feelings and goals. Now, start making your list of affirmations

Plug Keywords into Affirmation Statements

Here are some examples. Once you get started, you will find that it’s fun and how to make affirmations will become easy.

I am a purposeful man/woman.

I am a purposeful and proactive man/woman.

I am a purposeful, proactive and positive man/woman.

Notice how you could have easily just used just “proactive” or “positive” in an affirmation as I did with just “purposeful.” Here’s another:

I am a purposeful man/woman on the pathway to prosperity.

Now, it’s time to get excited about and have fun with this affirmation process. Start to re-mix and re-arrange.

Arrange and re-arrange the Keywords into more lists of affirmations

Mix it up as you develop your list of affirmations. With “prosperity,” develop affirmations with a variety of combinations using “proactive” and “positive.”

Substitute or add “success” to “prosperity” or whatever your imagination/heart leads you to.

I am a passionate man/woman successfully creating the life I have determined for myself.

I determine my attitudes and now I attract powerful forces creating success.

My attitudes and actions attract positive forces which bring me success and prosperity.

I am a purposeful man/woman planning and creating a positive and successful life.

I am a passionate man/woman successfully creating the life I have determined for myself.

Now you have a plan and the tools to know how to make affirmations. I could have written out many more combinations, but you need to “own” those words for yourself. The resulting affirmation list will be yours.

This affirmation process will take just a little bit of work. The results will be that you have a list of affirmations that have flowed out of your desire and heart. That is a powerful process that will bring you a lifetime of effective living.


Philip L Bourdon is passionately committed to practicing and living the Law of Attraction. He has outrageous delight in researching, experiencing and writing about what he loves. He is retired from ministry and has a website dealing with the Law of Attraction that is much more personal and practical than most information-only sites. His website focuses on the practical side of applying the Law of Attraction with a strong emphasis on personal responsibility where we desire to become a people of attraction before seeking all sorts of material things; those will follow if we are faithful in becoming a powerful “attractor. ” The site is: []