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How to Use Law of Attraction More Effectively and Align Your Vibration With a Media Fast

By Warren Wojnowski

If you are seeking to more deliberately use the law of attraction, aligning your vibration with what you want is essential. If you find you are having trouble maintaining a high vibration, one approach you can take is to start to cut out many of the negative messages that may be dragging you down in your present environment. Probably the easiest way to do that is with a media fast.

Starting a media fast is a commonly recommended technique for learning to more effectively work with law of attraction. In a media fast, you give up all newspaper, radio and television for a block of time, typically 30 days.

The idea of the media fast is to avoid the constant bombardment of negative messages you are typically receiving throughout the day. Think about it, rarely do you read or hear a good news story. The vast majority of the news is about the bad or unfortunate stuff that happens, whether it be the latest war on whatever, another homicide, an unfortunate accident, etc.

This has a not so subtle impact on your mind. Negative messages tend to make you feel bad. It draws your attention onto the things you don’t want in the world. And that then leads you to begin to naturally feel fearful of what might happen to you or your loved ones. Pretty soon you find yourself wondering “what’s become of this world”.

One of the consequences of this negative media bombardment is that it tends to leave you prone to act out relative to what you see, hear or feel. Your entire focus is shifted to the world of chaos around you, rather than the world of love within you. You are then most definitely no longer in vibrational alignment with the prosperity and abundance that you desire.

This is why a media fast can be so effective. It’s a way of insulating yourself from the constant negative bombardment around your and thereby protecting your vibration. By avoiding those negative messages, you are better able to focus more clearly on what you want, where you are going, and enjoy the moment.

And when it comes to losing touch with what’s happening in the world, the important stuff still gets around. You will still hear about it.

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Warren Wojnowski is an avid student of personal growth and self improvement who has operated his own successful home business since 2005. He is a respected writer, teacher and Intrinsic Coach® who is very willing to share what he’s learned (or still learning), what’s working, and what isn’t. Warren says “If you have an aspect of your life in which you feel stuck, whether in your life or your business, I can help you get back on track and start living the life you want”.