I Slept With Him Every Night
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I Slept With Him Every Night

By Jeannette Maw

That’s how she manifested the new love of a lifetime …

She went to sleep with him every night.

Before she knew his name. Before they’d even met.

She went to sleep with him every night.

She felt his arms wrapped lovingly around her as she drifted off to sleep. (Using a body pillow to help trick herself into the comforts of the cuddle.)

She actually had another guy in mind. A specific guy she thought would be a great candidate for love. He turned out to be a great stand-in to activate those feelings of love.

But because she knew not to be attached to anyone in particular, she put her intention out for “him or someone better.”

This was summertime that she started sleeping with her imaginary boyfriend. And doing some cleanup in the love department. (Tying up loose ends and upgrading beliefs, I gathered.)

By July she’d nixed the idea of online dating (didn’t appeal to her), but she did receive an inspiration to go speed dating in August. Just for fun.

That’s where she met a dozen different men, one of whom she felt an instant connection with.

And she’s been having fun with him ever since. (“Even better” than she ever dreamed a relationship could be, she reports!)

All from being willing to feel him (emotionally, vibrationally) before he was real. From being willing to release thoughts of the guy she thought it should be, and from being willing to take inspired action just for fun.

That’s manifesting at its finest.

If you’ve used this process yourself and have tips to share, please do so in the comments!


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