Is Physical Matter an Evolution of Energy?

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript was excerted from their workshop in Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

Is Physical Matter an Evolution of Energy?

Q That I would see, in a sense, Energy as the evolution from matter. Matter evolving to Energy.

A Actually, it is the other way around. Matter is the evolution of Energy. First there is thought, then there is Thought Form, then there is matter. So matter is only thought that has been thought upon by more. And you see, we began there actually yesterday, as we talked about how you live in a Vibrational Universe, and that what you see with your eyes is an interpretation of vibration. What you hear with your ears is an interpretation of vibration. What you smell with your nose, or taste with your tongue, or feel with your fingertips, these are all vibrational interpretations.

So, think about what’s happened here. Large numbers of interpreters have come forth into a same or similar experience, with same or similar interpreting faculties, and it is the agreement of the masses that have interpreted this into the solid matter that you see. There could be another, who could be actually here a part of your experience, who may perceive this differently. And in their perception, they would relate to it very differently than you are. That’s why in the same way that the dog can hear things that you don’t hear, or smell things that you can’t or would not want to smell, you as physical Beings are interpreting all things similarly. But every now and again, one of you, like the dog that is different from you, become different from human.

But this is all about interpretation. In other words, Energy is vibrating, and in truth, there really is no such thing as the solid, materialistic Universe that you are all so convinced is here in your reality. It is that you are interpreting it through your senses, and, therefore, it is that experience for you. That’s why some see the spaceships, some don’t. It depends upon what vibrational level of interpretation they are at. And those that see them swear that they are there.

Large numbers of them swear that they have had those actual, real life, physical feeling, materialistic experiences. But the masses are not having those experiences. You have yet to dig up those spaceships in your gardens, or find those little bones in your soil. They are not there for all to interpret.

Want to take that a little bit further? There are other experiencers of life sharing your same space, vibrating on different frequencies, and it is only rarely that you intertwine. Because you have set your dial at 101 FM and they are on 98.6, so to speak. So you are zigging while they’re zagging. It’s all working out very well.

Q Parallel Universes.

A Another way of saying it. Be nice to be a real estate agent in both. You’d get double listings on every street. (Fun!)

Q Thank you very much.

A Did we get to where you are going? [yes thank you] Taking thought beyond that which it has been before, truly.

— Abraham-Hicks – Kansas City, MO — 08/29/99