Law of Attraction Absolute Well-Being is the Basis of the Universe

By Joanie McMahon

As I began learning the teachings of the law of attraction, I learned that at the basis of this universe is absolute well-being. Now when that idea really sinks in and one realizes that at our core is a calmness and peacefulness that is present always and if we want access to it, we must relax and chill.

Relax and chill most people say, how can I relax and chill when there is so much going on that I do not like.

And so the teaching here is to learn how to relax and chill even when circumstances around us are not so.

When we get to the place where no matter what happens we can relax and chill, then our lives will become the magnificent creations that we want. At first this is not easy, because our practice is to worry and fret about whatever comes across our doorstep. And that is all it is, practiced thought that is going in the wrong direction towards our happiness.

I have been practicing this over the past year or so and it is amazing to me how easy it is once we get the hang of it. Learning to focus our inner thoughts thus receiving the corresponding emotions is the key, it is the secret.

So for example, if I have an unexpected bill in the mail and no idea how to pay for it, I can decide to get all upset and worried about it or I can sit and go inward and say to myself “All is well.” And really mean it, you may also add corresponding thoughts that make you feel good like, ‘I’ve had other unexpected bills before and always found a way to pay them, or I will figure this out, I always do etc. These thoughts feel good and you begin to get ideas of how to solve your circumstances. The ideas just flow and you will know when to act. It will be so strong an urge that you just cannot not act.

When you breathe into this idea and really feel it, you have come a long way to achieving all well-being.

So remember whatever comes to us is our creation whether we created deliberately or not. Our thoughts and corresponding emotions are doing the creating of things. What actualizes is the culmination of our thoughts and emotions. This is how the universe works.

So by getting into the practice of regularly saying to yourself ‘all is well,’ you are moving your vibration into a place where what you do want can manifest.

Just take a moment now to breath into the idea that ‘all is well’ and then truly feel it as though it was so. If you do this on a daily basis, pretty soon the circumstances of your life will change. They must change. It is law. This is the law of attraction.

What we feel about, comes forth. So if we feel the idea that ‘all is well’ then the universe responds in kind by bringing us things, people and circumstances that reinforce that this is so. But if we worry and fret about things, likewise we will receive more things to worry and fret about.

What a wonderful thing to know, that the path to all well-being is to just relax and let it flow into our experience.

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Joanie McMahon is a business woman who is passionate about wellness for everyone. She is very interested in helping others understand the Law of Attraction and improve their emotional well-being so that all the wonderful adventures a person is wanting can come forth into their experience.

Her website: http://joaniemcmahon.com/