Law of Attraction and the Art of Money

By Jeannette Maw

How’s your relationship with money these days? If money could talk, what would it say about you? Have you told it lately you love it? Is it good to you? Or do you take each other for granted, have a love/hate relationship, or maybe pretend to ignore each other?

If you want to change the way money shows up in your life, change your relationship with it. By making friends with money, you open up to an abundant flow of it in your life.

Money = Energy

What is money, anyway? It’s the same thing everything is: energy. That’s it. Period. Nothing tricky, good, bad, right or wrong. It’s just energy. Same as me, you, water, oxygen, everything.

But that’s not what we’ve made up about it, is it? We inherited stories about money that make it out to be some big hairy deal. We think it’s hard to come by, we gotta be careful with it, it’s the root of all evil, etc. Listen, money isn’t any different than everything else in the world. When we relax about money, it comes to us as easily as everything else we don’t have a charge on.

For example, I like dogs. They show up for me in abundance (to my absolute delight). In fact, just today an ex-fiancé asked me to take his 8 month old golden lab. You know why this happens? Because I love dogs, they love me, Universe feels me on that and delivers.

Can you imagine your ex stopping by to unload some cash on you? Can you visualize him telling you he’s got this extra money he hasn’t been able to manage, the neighbors are complaining, and it would be really helpful and he’d be super grateful if you’d just take this money off his hands?

If you had an easy, abundant story about money, trust me – it would happen.

Money Translated

What do you have a nice easy story about? Friends? Shoes? Bottled water? Can you imagine feeling that same way about money? See if you can spot the difference in how you feel about something abundant in your life versus money. Is there a difference? If there is a difference, this is your wake-up call to change your money vibe.

Money flows easily when we change our thinking about it. I think about money the way I do dogs. I love it. It’s all good. There’s lots of it. In fact, lots of folks don’t know how to handle it properly, and it naturally finds its way to me. I love taking care of it. I never have too much of it. You don’t know what to do with it? Call me. I’ve got a system; I’m connected; I can help.

Can you feel the vibe I’m running about money? It’s as easy as dogs.

Take the Charge Off

Now for those of you who flinched in reading that prior paragraph because it felt greedy, immoral or uncomfortable, you might want to check in on your beliefs about money. There’s nothing wrong with money. Life works well when we have it. Would you blame someone for amassing more than “their share” of postcards? Probably not, huh? Take the charge off money. It’s just energy. There’s plenty of it for all of us. All we gotta do is let it in.

What do you have an abundance of? What comes easily to you? Translate that feeling to how you feel about money and the green stuff will show up in droves. Change the way you feel about money, and money has to change the way it treats you.


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