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Love, Intimacy, and Ideal Marriage

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript and video were excerpted from their workshop in Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

Video Credit: Vortex Joy

About love, intimacy, and an ideal marriage?

Q I would love to hear your definition of love, intimacy, and the ideal marriage. Three
different ones.

A Love is an interesting vibration. When we feel the vibrations of the humans that we are
acknowledging, the vibration of appreciation, and the vibration of love are identical vibrations.
But when we commonly hear a human expressing the word “love”, they are usually nowhere
near that vibration. Because when most humans pick up the stick called love, they’re vibrating
on the end where there’s not enough of it. Because most humans, when they are approaching the
idea of love, are thinking about the love that is being funneled to them by others, rather than the
love that they are expressing through their appreciation of others.

The purest form of love is the one that any perceiver projects in their choosing the
vibration of appreciation as they hold something else as their object of attention. So what we
would say about love, the most important thing we would say about that is, rather than running
around and wanting someone to love you, if you would instead try to find something to love,
when you are loving, then you are in the vibration that allows the full vibration of your Source
Energy, who adores you, to flow to you. In other words, the feeling of love is being in vibrational
harmony with your Source. That is the highest vibration that we know.

So, if you are criticizing someone, then you are holding yourself in a vibration where you
then cannot be the recipient of the love that your Inner Being is always offering to you. And
that’s why to find something, anything to love—even a kitten—any time you are in the mode of
appreciation, your vibration is then allowing the full love that you deserve to flow to you and
through you.

Q Intimacy and ideal marriage are the other two.

A Intimacy is an interesting thing, because what we notice is, most physical Beings identify
intimacy with the human touch. In other words, it has to do with the interpretation of vibration
through the organ of the skin. And what we feel about intimacy, we said this earlier today, you
are far more communicating through your vibration than you are through your words or through
your action. And so, the greatest intimacy is in that vibrational alignment.

Esther has discovered through her interaction with Abraham, that when she is in
vibrational harmony and allowing Abraham to flow through her, there is more aliveness, more
sensuality, and by sensuality we mean all senses are more highly activated. What she sees is
more beautiful. What she hears is more thrilling. What she tastes is more delicious. What she
smells is more intoxicating. What she feels is more sensual. In other words, all senses are
heightened through that connection to core Energy.

Someone said recently, “Abraham never gets off the stage and shakes hands with anyone,
or embraces anyone, or holds anyone, or touches anyone.” And Esther said, “There is an
intimacy beyond anything that I’ve ever felt that is taking place on an Energy level.” She said,
“It’s sort of like having a hug from the inside out.” Have you ever had an experience, a sexual
experience, or an intimate experience with another physical Being, where you felt very little, in
fact, it almost felt annoying to you, as compared to those experiences where you just cannot get
enough of it? You feel like you are wanting to move inside of each other, eternally. And what
that is all about is your vibrational harmony.

In other words, if you take the time to come into vibrational harmony with your Source,
before you come into physical contact with any other, then the experience for each is an intimacy
beyond anything that you’ve ever known. But if you are in your place of disconnection as you
come together, then it is something else altogether. That’s why so many are understanding that
they are wanting love, what they call love, in intimacy. And we would rephrase that to say, when
you have connection combined with intimacy, there is no greater satisfaction in all of the
Universe. Now, are we getting anywhere close to what you are reaching for?

Q This is all awesome, yeah.

A One of the things that we notice… There is an author in your time that has written a book
some time ago called Think and Grow Rich. And he was talking about vibration, while he was
not expressing it with the preciseness that Esther is here. And he had a chapter in his book called
“Sexual Transmutation”. And it was the part that when Jerry taught the course he always left out,
because it was always a little embarrassing to get into that place with other humans that he did
not know. And we explained that the reason that he was writing about sexual transmutation, is
what his point was, is that when you have a desire that is as compelling as this sensual, sexual
desire that is born within you, then you understand what true passion is.

True desire flows like that. And there are few topics in your physical environment where
you understand that compulsion as powerfully as when it relates to your sexuality. Sexuality or
sensuality, while in combination with connection to Source Energy, is divine. And anything else
is far less. What more?

The ideal marriage?

Q Ideal marriage. Can you describe it? What would be an ideal marriage?

A From our perspective, an ideal marriage would be one where two Beings have, before
they came together… We’ll qualify that in just a moment, because that’s going to leave most
everybody out. (Fun!) But you asked for ideal, so we’ll speak it. Where two people, before they
came together, have individually come to understand the value of selfishness, to the degree that
they are willing to reach for the thought, word, or action that connects them, first and foremost,
to Core Energy. So that each partner is giving the whole of themselves to the other. Not just the
physical disconnected part, but the part that is the extension of the Source Energy.

So, two people who come together who are fully connected, that then join together, not
on all topics, but on some topics where they are collectively co-creating. There is nothing more
delicious than two Beings coming together in their full expansive connection, and joining
together in ideas of creating together. It is the ultimate co-creative experience.

Now we said we’d qualify that a little bit. Any two people who come together, whether
they were connected to Source Energy when they came together or not, still have the opportunity
to get connected to Source Energy. And so, of course, if two are consciously, deliberately
connecting, and then having the relationship, that is the ideal experience. But if you can’t
convince your mate about what you know, it’s not so serious, because one who connects to
Source Energy can find balance with anyone else.

Ideal is, two connected, who know they’re connected, who know how they’re connected,
who know why they’re not connected, who know how to get back into connection to Source
Energy anytime they want. The ideal marriage is one where each individual takes full
responsibility for the way he or she feels, where they are no longer using the other’s behavior as
their excuse for not being connected. It is what true unconditional love is. It is where you are
saying… Your marriage vows would go something like, “Hey, I take full responsibility for the
way I feel. And I will never hold you responsible. No action that you ever offer will be my excuse
for not feeling good.”

Q Excellent. Thank you very much.

A Yes indeed. What more?

–Abraham-Hicks – Kansas City, MO — 08/29/99