Love Yourself and Others – Wisdom from Nature and the Law of Attraction

By Dr. Mary Beth Ford

News reports paint the picture of a world filled with violence and hatred. Science shows that we are connected to one another and all creation. Reality TV says: Look out for number one! Sacred traditions teach that love is the way of life. Wisdom from nature and the Law of Attraction can help you resolve the push-pulls between world and spirit. Through them you can discover ways to grow in love for yourself and others.

The Law of Attraction says that giving and receiving are one.

It is a paradox that giving and receiving are one. In the world’s view scarcity as an approach to life makes giving a source of fear. Many of us have been wounded by this lonely and isolated way of living. The world’s sacred traditions teach us that love is our Divine nature. You grow and joyfully expand when you give this gift to others. You deny yourself when you withhold love. And life experience shows that love for yourself and others requires a delicate balance of giving and receiving.

In nature you witness the intricate process of giving and receiving.

The Law of Attraction states: The essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn. Nature provides a wonderful window through which to observe this law in action. The complex relationship between flowering plants and their pollinators offers a vivid example. Flowers with showy shapes and brilliant colors act as scented billboards. They attract bees and butterflies to visit and reap their gifts of nectar and pollen. Both flower and insect benefit from the exchange. From nature you discover the powerful lesson that giving and receiving are one.

Each day you can practice the lesson of giving and receiving.

You can make a commitment to act with simple kindness toward yourself and others. You can take five minutes during your lunch break, find a quiet spot, and just breathe and relax. This small act can refresh you for the entire afternoon. You can give a smile and a silent blessing of love and peace to all those you meet. Caring, appreciation and love cost not a dime and enrich both giver and receiver.

The secular world considers love a sentimental idea. The world’s sacred traditions regard love as the basis for all our thoughts, words and actions. It shows in our reverence and respect for others, for all creation, and for ourselves. The love and appreciation we give to others enrich us beyond measure. It is a paradox that love is our Divine nature and love is our greatest lesson to learn.


Mary Beth Ford, Ed. D., is the author of “Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons” and creator of Garden Wisdom Teleseminars. She specializes in the area of life balance, which she describes as balance between world and spirit. In her book and teleseminar Dr. Ford shares her five powerful garden lessons for living with balance and joy. Using nature images she offers us a new and inspiring vision of ourselves and of our world. To learn more, visit her website at and receive a free summary of five garden lessons for living with balance and joy.