Whether you are in a relationship, seeking one, or happily single, remember that your relationship with Source and who-you-really-are is the key to ultimate happiness. Love yourself! Treat yourself as you would want your lover to treat you. You are beautiful inside and out, and you deserve all of your attention. When you are happy and feeling good, everyone around you will be too.

“You cannot get the relationship of your dreams when your chronic thoughts about relationships feel lonely or angry or worried or disappointed. But as you look for things you appreciate in yourself and others–as you make lists of positive aspects of past and present relationships–you train your Vibrational offering to match the Vibration of your desires, and your “perfect mate” must then come. It is Law.” – Abraham-Hicks


Creating a Lover
Abraham responds to a woman who asks them to help her to clean up her vibration and get into the Vortex so she can get her lover.

Are There Proper Expectations of Lovers?
Abraham responds to a man who asks about expectations within a relationship.