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Manifestation Exercise #13 – Find Out How Much You Truly Value Yourself

By Janeen Clark

One of the most exciting things I enjoy about constantly studying new books about the Law of Attraction and Spirituality is that I literally learn something new every day.

Even something I may have heard 100 times before can take on a new meaning to me, depending on the new place I am currently standing.

I have been studying the Law of Attraction now for almost 20 years, and there have been quite a few shockers along the way that have stood out in my mind.

The following exercise is one of them.

I had been studying for almost 10 years when I came across this simple exercise whose outcome quite surprised me.

After all those years of reading I had convinced myself I had a pretty good grasp on things.

I had started to learn that we all have the same exact right to be on this planet and that not one single one of us were better or worse than anyone else. We were all equal, we were all part of the I AM, the ONE and each of our presences on this Earth is just as important as the next persons.

I had started to learn not to take criticism others directed towards me personally because I realized they were coming from a different place than I was. Their opinion was just that — their opinion, and had no bearing on the life I was creating for myself.

I was even starting to realize that we are simply here to create whatever lives we desire to create and that whatever we created was perfect. There was no blueprint. No one hanging over us saying what is right and what is wrong.

In other words, if you would have asked me then if I loved myself exactly as I was and valued myself as a person, I would have answered with a unequivocal yes! Or at least… so I thought.

Because then I came across this simple exercise…and realized I had a lot more to learn.

Here is the exercise. Go up to a mirror, look at your reflection, tell yourself “I Love You” and see what your immediate gut reaction is.

A little corny…I agree. But a piece of cake, right?

That’s what I thought too when I first read about it. I even considered just blowing it off because it sounded like such a sappy exercise, but “something” told me to stop what I was doing and try it anyway.

So I did.

I went up to the mirror, looked at my reflection and said “I Love You.” The words were not even completely out of my mouth when suddenly I deeply felt “No, I don’t!” I tried it again. “I Love You” — “No!… I don’t!”

“Your hair is a mess, when are you getting it cut? Look at those circles under your eyes, you look horrible! You are so lazy. I am not proud of you at all! When do you plan on paying those bills piled on your desk, what about the phone calls you were supposed to make? How can I love that?!”

My ego voice came through so loud, clear and nastily that I was stunned. Here I was, all “Miss Spiritual Awareness” and I couldn’t even say these three simple most basic words to myself in the mirror without a barrage of insults coming back at me.

And they weren’t very important ones at that! I was supposed to be seeing the bigger picture here, not “not loving myself” due to my haircut!

And that was when I realized how far I really still had to go regarding self-acceptance. Take about a lesson in humility! Here I was thinking that I was “mastering” this new outlook on life and then realized I had barely even begun to scratch the surface.I still do this exercise every once in awhile to gauge how far I have come. And while I admit it has gotten a lot easier to say these words to myself and I can feel a much more loving feeling behind them, I am still not at 100% acceptance yet.So if you want to discover how far you might still have to go, try this exercise for yourself. Remember it has to be in front of a mirror, you can’t just say it in your head — that’s cheating.You will see a major difference when you are “facing yourself” with these words. After all, you can’t lie to yourself at the same time you are actually facing yourself.

And if anything negative pops into your mind like it did in mine, pay attention to it! It will give you some clues on what you need to address to love yourself more.

Also very important. If you feel a lot of resistance at even the thought of doing this exercise because it feels silly or uncomfortable to you – than that is all the more reason for you do it immediately. It means something is seriously hiding there that does not want to be looked at and the only way to begin to conquer it is head on.

It is said that you truly can’t love another unless you truly love yourself first, and I believe that to be absolutely true. And just think…you probably say these words to friends and family all the time. Don’t you deserve to hear it from the most important person in your life….You?

Happy Creating!


Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for over 15 years. For more articles or information from this author please visit her website at