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Manifestation Exercise #25 – Keeping a Spiritual Growth Journal

By Janeen Clark

Don’t you just love it when you read something that gives you that A-ha moment – a great moment of clarity — a “why didn’t that ever dawn on my before?” moment?

Don’t you just hate it when two days later you completely forget what the awe-inspiring thought was that caused that feeling?

Don’t worry – it is totally normal, especially when you are in spiritual growth mode.

We’ve all had those moments where something “clicks” inside of us and makes us feel so positive and optimistic, that at the time we think we can’t possibly forget what that message was.

Then a few days after being distracted by the “real world” we find we can’t get that feeling back or even remember what “idea” turned us on in the first place.

That’s where creating a spiritual journal comes in. If you haven’t already started one, there is no better time than the present.

There are a few different ways to do this. It depends on the style you are most comfortable with.

If you like the act of physical writing:

A brand new 5 Subject Notebook is the way to go. Be sure to buy one specifically for this purpose. Buy one with a fancy cover or color you really connect with or cover it with pictures you enjoy. Make this book really special.

Now give a separate category to the first 3 sections. The 1st section could be about Attracting Money, the 2nd Relationships, the 3rd physical health, etc. Pick the first 3 that are most important to you in their order of importance. Save the 4th section for miscellaneous. Just thoughts or quotes that inspire or make you feel good. Inspirational website addresses that you don’t want to forget – even pictures that make you feel good. And then there is the all important 5th section. This is where you are going to put down all your miracles and synchronistic events (more on this later).

If You Prefer The Computer:

Set up a main folder with an Inspiring Title and then do the same as listed above. Create 3 Subfolders regarding the subjects most important to you, a 4th for Miscellaneous and then the 5th for “miracles”.

The reason for the category separation is because you are going to fill up these pages faster than you ever dreamed possible. So in the future, whenever you need a little inspiration regarding a specific problem, you will immediately be able to get your quick fill of page after page of perfect material that will boost you up regarding that one subject.

Now as to where you get your information. Obviously this will vary as well.

If you buy your own books and read in transit – a highlighter pen is obviously the easiest way to go. Simply highlight the paragraphs or sentences that specifically mean something to you. (A fun perk with this is when you go back to the book a year or two later and find that what you considered as a big “A-ha” moment then – is now something you take for granted. I can’t tell you how many times I would say to myself “Wow! That was an idea I thought was earth shattering?! I now live by that principle every day without thinking about it.”)

If you get your material from the library or you borrowed the book from someone else those little post it tags are perfect. They are small enough to carry in your pocket or purse and are even reusable. They are also so thin that you can easily place them on the paragraph or sentence that inspired you for easy locating later that evening.

One of the best things you can do is keep a little mini notebook with you -so not only can you write down what inspired you – but also your thoughts on how it applies to your situation directly. (A very important part of the exercise later.)

Magazines are pretty much a no-brainer. Just rip out the article or fold the top for easy locating.

And if you get your information from the internet or websites – again quite easy. Simply copy and paste it into your designated folder or document.

Now the two most important part of this exercise.

1. Transferring this information over to your notebook or computer.

I highly recommend you do this on a daily basis, preferable right before bedtime. There is no better way to let these fresh ideas sink into your subconscious than letting them be the last things you think about before going to sleep.

Also doing it daily keeps it from becoming a burden. You don’t want to wait until you have a whole book of post-its before typing or writing it down because then it will become “work”.

Another benefit of doing it everyday is the momentum you will create by reinforcing these ideas constantly. You will be amazed at how quick these ideas will become your new natural way of thinking when you give them constant daily attention.

And lastly and most obviously you want to keep the inspiring ideas fresh as soon as you get that “A-ha” feeling and remember why they hit you so strongly.

Which leads us to the second most important part.

2. Writing down not only the sentences that inspire you but also how and why they inspire you specifically at that moment. This is what the 5th category in your notebook or computer is going to contain.

For example, say you are having a problem with a family member that keeps butting into your business and you don’t know how to deal with them. Then “coincidentally” that same day you read an article that tells you exactly how to handle that type of situation. You immediately get a chill when you read it because you are saying to yourself “Oh Wow! That was exactly what I needed to read at this exact moment. Universe really responded – How awesome!”

This is the kind of stuff you need to write down!. These mini miracles! Because believe me when I tell you, if you don’t you write them down that day – you will forget!

I’ll give you a personal example. About 8 years ago I was in a fairly serious financial situation. I needed to come up with about $10,000. At the time I was reading a whole bunch of ideas and exercises to help me manifest this money. Sure enough within three weeks I received the money from a very unexpected source- no strings attached! I was stunned – I was amazed – I was thrilled! It worked! Law of Attraction really worked!

I busied myself putting the money to very good use and got on with my life. Things went pretty smoothly for awhile. I no longer had this serious debt hanging over my head and life went back to normal.

I continued to study and read for another 5 years – everything I could get my hands on.

Sure enough I found myself in another “financial situation.” No big deal, right? I had done it before, I could do it again. The only problem was I couldn’t remember exactly how I did it! It had been 5 years earlier!! I couldn’t remember what thoughts I had had back then at the time, I couldn’t remember what affirmations or meditations I had used. I couldn’t remember the level of energy I was vibrating out.

I had read so much more different kinds on information in the meantime that I couldn’t remember “the exact magic formula” that had worked for me the first time.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are a million ways to manifest money, and I did manifest it again, but this time it took a little longer. And I am sure that the only reason for the delay was because I was so busy being frustrated about not remembering my “first” way, that I ended up blocking my own creative abilities (Oh well, another lesson learned).

So don’t let that happen to you. Write down the miracles as they happen. Exactly what you are thinking when they happen. This way you can begin to recognize your own “manifesting blueprint” and see what works so well for you personally.

Another good reason for having this “miracle” list is simple.

We all have our ups and downs. Some days we are vibrating so high and then others… maybe not so much.

This 5th section is perfect for those “not so much” days.

It’s really great to get inspired by the writings of others. But nothing will be as authentic to you than your own words and experiences written in your own “voice”.

If you are having a particularly hard time manifesting something and are feeling a little doubtful, simply go to this 5th section and be reminded just how many times Universe has come through for you before.

Remind yourself of the vibrational level you were at when these manifestations happened. Remember the “spiritual high” you felt when these things materialized.

You will find that your confidence and belief will skyrocket when you have a clear list of 100 different times that Universe came through for you. Every time it gave you that parking spot you visualized, introduced you to the right person you needed at the right time, gave you the money that you needed or the information exactly when you asked for it.

So get started now! Start your Spiritual Growth Journal today.

Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll have enough inspiring information to print your own book on the subject to inspire others.

Happy Creating!


Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years. If you would like to read more Manifestation Exercises that you could put into practice right now, please visit her daily blog at The Very Happy Human.