fake it till you make it

Manifestation Exercise #30 – Faking It Till You Make It

By Janeen Clark

I’ve recently just read a book titled How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not? by Robert Shemin. (I bought it because I absolutely loved the title!)

In the past I have written articles about walking around feeling “as if” you are already the success that you want to be.

How would you walk, how would you feel, what kind of thoughts would be going through your head?

Well there is a great chapter in the book that takes the mental exercise a few fun steps further.

It inspired me to write these tips on how you can make the experience feel much more real and here are steps that you can take right now to start living like a Rich person.

For instance:

Dress like a Rich Person Would Dress All The Time

You don’t need to wait to have a million dollars to dress like a rich person. Try some of these ideas:

1. Think you can’t afford to wear designer clothes? Think again. Consignment shops are popping up all over the place and there is a very good reason why. It is an awesome way to dress expensively for pennies on the dollar! If you have any qualms about “second hand clothes” keep this in mind. Rich people take very good care of their clothes. They only wear them once or twice (sometimes not even that much) and they usually have them dry cleaned. You couldn’t ask for a better way to “feel” rich than wearing what the rich are wearing.

2. Look for garage sales or estate sales in expensive neighborhoods. Same principle. Buy expensive items for next to nothing, yet feel awesome!

3. Even watch what you wear while at home. Would a rich person walk around with those sweatpants with the hole in them? I know, I know… they are comfortable…but couldn’t you find something just as comfortable without the hole? Imagine what a rich person would look like when they open their mansion door to unexpected company. What would their “casual” dress style be?

Go To Places That Rich People Go

O.K. granted you might not be in the position to buy a $500 dinner this evening at the richest restaurant in town. You probably can however afford $40 for a salad and a couple of glasses of wine. So do it! Dress in your new designer duds and go to that expensive restaurant. Enjoy your wine as you look around and soak up the ambiance. Afraid you will feel like you don’t belong there? Think again. It’s only a restaurant!! Your paying your money just like everyone else. And seeing that “rich” people always seem to be on diets, ordering only salad and wine are quite the norm.

The purpose of this exercise is to break your previous “I don’t belong here” feelings! Of coarse you do! And the more often you put yourself in these places the more comfortable you will begin to feel. Not to mention the fun you can have “people watching”!

Oh and don’t forget to tip big and talk friendly to your servers! It’s a great way to be remembered. How cool is it that you are will now be “known” in the best restaurant in town!

Shop Smart

Do you want to know one of the ways rich people stay rich? They do their best not to pay full price for anything. They look for discounts whenever possible and then put the money they saved to better use earning them even more money.

So if you ever stood at a checkout counter with coupons saying to yourself “I can’t wait till the day I don’t need to use these anymore” – think again! The best way to turn your money into even more money is to save every dime that you can, every chance that you can. Never look at cutting costs as “being poor” – look at cutting costs as “being smart.”

Rich people will check with 10 insurance companies to get the best rates. They will call their credit card companies and make deals to have their interest rates cut. They will find and use every discount they can so the money they save can work for them.

So start looking for tons of more ways that you can cut your expenses. The more you save the “richer” you will be.

Get Upgraded When You Vacation:

This is an idea that I received from the book that I had never considered before.

Become A Travel Agent.

It is not difficult at all. If you go online and type How To Become A Travel Agent in Google, a ton of sites pop us. Some places even offer an automatic free 3 day vacation just for trying them out.

But just think of the amazing future benefits! You can get major discounts, commissions, automatic upgrades and even free trips to awesome locations. Plus you can make some extra cash just by booking friends and families vacations whenever they decide to go somewhere.

(I took a trip to Jamaica about 15 years ago with a friend of mine who happened to be a travel agent. I can’t tell you how the staff bent over backwards to make her happy and the extras she received just so she would be sure to recommend the resort to her customers.)

So give it a try! It’s quick, it’s easy and it will make you feel like a richer person immediately!

The Law of Attraction can only work off your current “thoughts” If you are thinking lack in this moment, it is only going to attract more lack in the next moment. (Which is the reason you might feel as if you never get anywhere.) You keep having the same thoughts – you keep attracting the same things.

Luckily Universal energy can’t decipher what is currently “true” and what is “fantasy”. It can only create on the thoughts and energy that it is getting fed.

Therefore, if you want to change your financial circumstances for the future you need to start thinking and acting “rich” right now. Then Universe will have no choice but to follow and attract even more like-minded financial energy. After all, it is the unbiased Law!

So start putting some of these ideas to work for you right now and start “Faking It Till You Make It!” while Universe does its thing of making it a physical reality.

Happy Creating!


Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years. For more articles or information from this author please visit her website at http://www.theveryhappyhuman.blogspot.com