Manifestation Exercise #5 – How to Create What You Want for Your Future

By Janeen Clark

Do you currently have a goal that you would like to attain, but are unsure of what the next step should be in attaining it? Or maybe you think you know what you “should” do but your find doubts or fears of failure are standing in your way? Maybe neither of the above apply but you find that no matter what you do, you still haven’t gotten to where you want to be.

Quite often people set goals for themselves and “on paper” they look very attainable if that person were to follow certain steps. In reality however, their subconscious mind may have something completely different going on and it could be sabotaging their efforts.

Fear of failure or success. Fear of more responsibility. Fear of change. Afraid that they are not good enough or deserving enough for what they are wanting. Without even realizing it they may “say” that they want something, may scream it even; but in truth never “really” believe it is going to happen for them.

That is where this manifestation exercise comes in. The idea behind this exercise is to pretend that you have already accomplished what it is you are wanting and now you are just looking back to see how you got there.

For example:

Say your dream is to become a best selling author. So you wake up this morning and pretend that you already are a best selling author. How does that feel? Do you feel proud that you made it? Do you feel accomplished? How satisfying is it? What would you be doing today as a best selling author? Would you be going to a book signing? Would you be checking on the computer to see how far up your title is on Amazons best seller list? Really get the feel of it. Would you stand taller, dress nicer? Imagine people driving by your house and saying “Did you know that _______ lives there? You know the best selling author of _________ books.” How cool does it feel that they are talking about you!

Now pretend that this afternoon as this best selling author, you are on your way to an interview and you are about to explain how you got to where you are today. What would you say? You see…this is the most important part of this exercise. The first part is to know how it feels to have accomplished your goal. It’s a done deal – you have arrived! Now it is time to figure out the steps you took to get there.

So you work backwards. You say “Well on such and such a day – I remember the day clearly (which would be today of coarse) that I decided nothing was going to stand in my way. So I sat down and wrote two articles that I submitted to these two publications. While waiting for them to be approved, I started attending a writing class during the evening and then would go home and write for 3 or 4 hours every night. Sometimes I would get so involved that I didn’t notice that the sun was coming up. Even though I had my doubts and fears I kept writing. I let nothing dissuade me. Until finally one day it all came together. My articles got printed, my book was ready to be edited……”

Anyway… you get the idea. Sometimes people get so boggled down in fear or are so unsure of what their next move should be, that they find themselves paralyzed — spinning their wheels and going nowhere.

So the trick is to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your goal is in fact reached. It is a done deal! It is already accomplished in your future and done! Now you just need to figure out the steps that got you there.

This exercise can be done with any goal you have.

You want to own a new house. Imagine yourself in it already and work backwards to see how you got there. Well, first you called a realtor, then you made calls to different banks about loans, than you packed up the stuff in your apartment…etc.

You want to get married. Imagine yourself on your wedding day in front of a mirror dressed in your gown or tux, thinking back to how you got there. How the two of you met in that Law of Attraction seminar you decided to attend and knew immediately that you were perfect for each other. You want a promotion in your company. Imagine you are sitting in your new office explaining to a new hire the steps you took to become “the person you are today”. You want to lose weight. Imagine yourself in those awesome fitting jeans explaining to your best friend what you did to get in shape.

I have found that pretending that you are explaining your life and your success to someone else is very effective. Because you feel even in your pretending that you are talking from a place of authority. You are a person who has already accomplished what they set out to do and are the perfect person to give advice to others.

So get started imagining today! Write down all the steps you “took” to be a success. Then realize that this list in front of you has now become your blueprint. All you have to do is follow it. Start with the first step right now. And if fear ever tries to rear its ugly head, think “back” to your “future” vision and realize that you obviously worked through the fear because you “became” successful, so whatever that little pesky fear might have been, obviously wasn’t big enough to stop you.

Remember you really are entitled and deserving to be and have whatever you want while on this Earth. There is no one “out there” who has placed any limitations on you whatsoever. So look into your future and see who you became. Then work backwards and figure out how you got there. Also keep in mind that the law of attraction brings you what you focus on. If you focus on the success you have become it has no choice but to help you make that a reality.

Happy Creating!


Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years. If you would like to read more Manifestation Exercises that you could put into practice right now, please visit her daily blog at The Very Happy Human