Manifesting Money – Top 5 Tips How to Manifest Money Fast

By Tammi Putnam

Manifesting money is within your control.

That’s a powerful statement, isn’t it?

Many people want more money, they just don’t know how to go about creating it. They just don’t understand that money is energy and energy must flow and move. Money can flow to you or it can stay far away. When you manifest money fast you never wonder how or why it seems effortless. When the money is scarce you wonder where it is. Look no further! Manifesting money is within your control!

Manifesting Money – Top 5 Tips How To Manifest Money Fast

Be a Conscious Creator Be mindful of the thoughts and words you choose. Saying, “I don’t have money for that,” ends the flow of money to you. The money has just been repelled since the vibration that you’re giving off is lack and limitation. Be conscious of what you think and say.

Understand that you’re creating all the time with your thoughts, words and feelings. Feelings are the conduit to our goal. Think of feelings like a “Bat phone” for calling up your goals and starting the manifestation in motion.

When we’re feeling excited and passionate about our goal, we’re aligning with our goal. It requires a positive tunnel vision, one that we’re only focused on our goal and feeling as if we already have it. Feel those feelings as you consciously create.

Laser Beam Focus on Abundance and Prosperity

Laser beam focus? Yes, that’s the focus you have when your in a time crunch and chaos is all around you…you focus in on what you’re doing like a laser beam. When you focus your energy and attention on abundance, you attract more of the same. (Law of Attraction at work.)

Focus on prosperity and abundance. Take note of all that is around you because there is so much in our world of abundance. You can manifest money fast by noticing abundance and prosperity such as checks in the mail, out of the blue gifts, coupons in the mail, compliments, great things happening that weren’t planned or predicted.

Show Your Subconscious Who’s The Boss

Your subconscious is always going to want to keep you in your comfort zone. Just like Bridget Jones, your subconscious likes you just the way you are and really doesn’t want any big life changes. Your subconscious doesn’t want you to do “crazy things.”

A crazy thing for a person who is manifesting money would be to give money away right? Well, not exactly. When you give money away for donations, charities, big tip, a gift etc… you’re telling your subconscious mind that you have more than enough money to provide for yourself. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t give any away, therefore, you must have enough if you’re donating and such.

Providing Service

Want to make more money? Provide more service to others. Manifesting money is an energy. We can all agree that money is really energy, can’t we? If not, it would just be ink on paper. How do we create positive energy with money? Service to others.

Yes, it’s a good thing to accept money for your services. You don’t go to the dry cleaner and expect them to give it to you for free. (Unless, it was a poor job done.) We understand that the dry cleaner provided the service of cleaning and pressing of our good clothing. The exchange for that service? Money.

Okay, so you’re not dry cleaner. Got it. In what ways can you provide service to others in exchange for a transfer of money for your efforts. Think about it and get clear. When you get clear about the service you provide for others, manifesting money becomes easy and effortless.

Playing It Safe? No Way…Take a Risk

Where is manifesting money? It’s on the outside of your comfort zone. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone and go after it. Which means for you to have different results, you’ll have to do things differently! One thing that has assisted me in my home business is to do something everyday that I don’t want to do. Making myself go out of my comfort zone has helped me build a tremendous personal development home business. Did I want to stay in my comfort zone? You bet. Was I willing to get out of it to get greater results. You know it.

Take these top five tips on manifesting money and USE them. They won’t work for you if you just read them and do nothing. Taking inspired action will transform your life and assist you in manifesting money fast.

I’ll look forward to hearing your results!


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