mr. right

Manifesting Mr Right – Use the Law of Attraction to Create Your Ideal Love Life

By Jeanette Maw

If you’re ready to create your ultimate love life, the Law of Attraction can give you a head start in drawing in Mr. Right. Here are 5 steps to bring your ideal love to real life:

1. Know what you want. Get clear about what type of person you want to attract into your life. Write down the qualities you want him to possess. What’s he like? What makes him tick? What do you love most about this guy? Get as detailed as matters to you. There’s no such thing as too picky, contrary to what others may say. In fact, getting specific is good, since we get what we ask for!

2. Create a clear vision about the type of relationship you want with this person. The clarity you have about what you want is what powerfully draws it to you. You can hold thoughts about this wonderful relationship by visualizing it, creating a symbolic representation of it (vision boards are popular these days), writing about it, or talking about it as if it already existed. The goal here is to feel it first – before it exists – which is what allows it to manifest in real life.

3. Activate the vibration now. How will you feel when you have this person in your life? Elated? Content? Fulfilled? Activate that vibration by finding small, simple ways to feel that way now. As you do, you align vibrationally with your desired relationship, allowing it to manifest quickly and easily.

4. Be that person you want in your life. You want someone to treat you well? Treat yourself well. You want someone who is considerate, optimistic and understanding? Be that person, to yourself and others. Again, it puts you in alignment with what you want.

5. Love yourself unconditionally. Since everything happening outside of you is a reflection of how you feel inside, it serves to create a healthy relationship with your Self. When you love, appreciate and accept yourself 100%, others in your life reflect that same love and acceptance back. And surely there’s no better way to live than a life filled with love on the inside and out.

The key is to hold thoughts of the type of person you want, imagine being with Mr. Right in advance, and let the Universe bring him to you. Lastly, it also helps to follow any urges or intuitive hits that are meant to put you on the path to love. Trust your gut, follow your instincts, and enjoy the unfolding of your love of a lifetime!


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