Videos and articles to guide you on your journey of marital bliss.


Marriage and the Vortex
Abraham explains how your feelings about your marriage and your marriage partner can vary depending on whether you are in the Vortex or not.

Can Marriage Feel Free?
In this video Abraham covers how desires can be modified over time, the mainstream version of marriage and the Law of Attraction version of marriage.

Love, Intimacy, and Ideal Marriage
Abraham answers questions about love, intimacy, and the ideal marriage.

Is Marriage Coming Too Soon?
In this video clip Abraham responds to a woman who says she is getting married after one month of meeting and asks if it can be good even though it’s happening so fast.

Message for a Newlywed Couple
This Abraham-Hicks transcript and video were excerpted from their workshop in Houston, TX on January 23, 1994.


Marriage and the Law of Attraction
By Beth and Lee McCain – What do you do when you and your spouse don’t agree? Maybe one of you applies the Law of Attraction and your significant other could not care less… Read more…


“Let us offer you the perfect coming-together vows, whether you are calling them marriage or something else: Hello friend. We are here as co-creators. And it is my expectation as we move forward in this marriage [or in this relationship] that both of us will find ourselves satisfied in every way that is possible. It is my desire to discover who I am and who you are. But most important to me is that I be happy so that I may inspire happiness in you. I do not take your life as my responsibility. I take my life as my responsibility. And I am looking forward to a very good time here. I am anticipating that as we move forward in this life together, we will have the ultimate of all positive experiences–because that is what I intend to look for. As long as we are having a good time, let us stay together. And if we should stop having a good time, let us separate–either in thought or in physicalness – until negative do us part.” – Abraham-Hicks

“Here’s the person, who you can adore or not, depending on whether you’re in the Vortex or not. Marriage vows should say – I promise that I will do my very best to be in the vortex, and will hold you not responsible, ever, not one time ever for being my excuse to get in. I should not need any one other, any particular factor, as my excuse to get into the Vortex…” – Abraham-Hicks

“Let’s talk about the relationship you have with your beloved. In other words, how do you define that? Two deliberately vibrating beings, joined by law of attraction, for the delicious unfolding of this natural union. Two evolving beings, changing, evolving, becoming, with the intention of keeping an eye on one another, and evolving similarly for an expectation of a continuing of this delicious relationship.” – Abraham-Hicks

“Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.” – Barnett R. Brickner