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Menopause and Cultural Aspects of Aging

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript and video were excerpted from their workshop in Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

Video Credit: Vortex Joy

Menopause, and cultural aspects of physical aging?

Q My question is about aging and, specific kind, of menopause. I have friends who believe
they are sliding down a slippery slope of weight gain and unlovableness, etc. and I’ve heard that
in some cultures menopause does not happen, and that it’s possibly a social construct that has
come about.

A Well, in all humanness, there is an evolution. In other words, none of you look like you
looked the day you were born. Remember what squatty little clumsy things you were? You were
not walking, you had no hair, usually, not any teeth, you are evolving continually. And so, we
would say that the biological evolution happens in all cultures. But your response to it varies
tremendously. When you understand the perfection of your beingness, and you love your motion
forward, then there’s no resistance within your Being, and every aspect of you is pleasurable.

You loved it when you were a baby, you loved it when you were a toddler, you loved it when
you were a teenager, you loved it as you were coming into your relationships, you loved it in
your middle age, you loved it in your old age. In other words, you love it in your physical; you
love it in your Nonphysical.

In non-resistance, it is a delicious experience. But what makes your experience less
delicious, is the resistance that comes about by pushing against. So certainly, it is a very cultural
thing where in your culture you are taught that you are declining. We would not say… The
culture that is abounding here, goes something like, you start out incomplete, you reach a place
of prime, and then you begin to decline from that prime. And what we know from our Broader
Nonphysical Perspective is that we are Eternal Beings always becoming more. So there is not
ever a decline, it is always an expansion.

But you’ve got this thing called birth and death, where you are watching yourself as you
are moving through the evolution of your human experience, and you choose, in most cases, to
think in terms of a climbing and then a declining. So, as your society says to you, at a certain age
you become inappropriate for this reason or this reason, and then you begin to push against that,
that pushing against that causes a disallowance of the Life Force that would cause those
experiences to be somewhat different. It is a very natural experience for you.

One of the things that most people are not addressing very much, is that in the woman, in
the male too, it is more predominantly noticed in the woman, when you begin to come into your
cycle of being fertile in order to conceive, the coming into that cycle is actually more difficult
than the moving out of it. And most people do not even think about… When you think about
ornery people, you usually think about two sets of them. They’re usually teenage girls and
menopausal women. And it is for the same thing as they are moving into and out of…
So, what’s happening is the infusion of energies. What happens is, it’s just as we were
describing to our friend earlier, is that sometimes you are not up for the infusion of Energy that is
occurring as a result of what the cells of your body are asking about. If you are vibrationally up
to speed with your Source Energy, then whatever your cells are asking for, you are in perfect
vibrational alignment with. But if you are not up to speed with the vibration of your Source
Energy, and the cells of your body are asking for something that you’re not up to speed with,
then you have that disoriented feeling.

We think far too much is made of this. And we think that it is economically driven. And
that if economics were taken out of it, so that there was not need to try to motivate from a place
of lack, as we were talking about earlier, there would be very few that would have negative
experience in any of that process. So, what we would say to try to soothe someone in moving up
the vibrational stick to a better-feeling place… So, let’s say that a woman is in this place of
menopause. Her body is changing. And she is understanding that it is the nature of her Being.
And she really has no personal lack in this. She is not wanting to conceive children anymore, and
so, there is no great lack that is being felt there. She has really not enjoyed at all her menstrual
cycle, not one time ever through all of this, so the leaving of it behind is no big loss. No one is
making little tombstones and burying them in the garden over that way. (Fun!) There is no
problem in leaving that behind.

So, what is the big lack that is being amplified here? In other words, someone has said to
her, “You are not as much as you once were. You are less of a woman now. Or this is an
indicator… Or now your body will not be producing this, you will have lack in this way or the
other.” There are lots of different things that people believe that this is a symptom of. And so, we
would address it individually, by just reaching for a thought that feels better. And one that almost
always works is, there is always someone that someone knows that has gone through that process
and not experienced great discomfort in the process. Even those people in other countries that
you are talking about that have different mindsets, the different mindset that they have is that
there is not a large group of people trying to make them feel less than what they are, in order to
get them to buy something to make them feel more than what they are.

That’s why we say, it is economically driven, for the most part. Why couldn’t anyone just
get on the other side of anything? Why are any of us dragging our feet through the struggle of
everything? It is always resistance that slows everything down. All you have to do is make a
decision of what you want, give your attention there, find the feeling place of it, and you’re there
instantly. There’s no reason for you to suffer or struggle your way to or through anything.

Any time you have physical discomfort of any kind, doesn’t matter what it is, whether
you call it emotional, or actually physical pain within your body, it always, always means the
same thing. “I have a desire that is summoning Energy but I have a belief that is not allowing. I
am summoning Energy that I’m disallowing, so I’ve created resistance in my body.” And the
solution, every single time, to the releasing of the discomfort or pain, is the relaxation and the
reaching for the feeling of relief.

So, does it give you relief to say, “I am getting old and haggard, and my teeth are all
going to fall out, and I’m going to lose the elasticity in my skin, and I’m going to become an old
hag overnight?” Does that make you feel better? We don’t think it makes you feel better. We
think that sort of attention makes you feel worse. You’re reaching for the thought that feels
better. You’re reaching for anything that can make you, in this moment, feel emotional relief.
And if you will reach for relief, you will raise your vibration. And if you raise your vibration,
you are stopping resistance. And if you are stopping resistance, you are in vibrational harmony
with Source. And if you’re in vibrational harmony with Source, the cells of your body can be
receiving whatever they are asking for. You’re in total alignment.

You could live agelessly in these bodies. You could reach what you consider to be the
prime of life, and you could hold yourself there for a very, very, very, very long time, if this life
experience could produce within you enough continuing desire to make you feel eager—and if
your exposure to contrast did not tempt you to push against things in a strong way. In other
words, if you could summon life and allow it, you could remain in these bodies for a very long

But the reason that most of you do not intend to remain in these bodies for a very long
time, is that you like the idea of the fresh new exposure to life. Because there is more… So think
about it. In this life experience you bang around in the contrast and lots of desires are produced,
which puts lots of desires in the ethers. In other words, as a Mass Consciousness, there are all
kinds of things that you are wanting. And because you are leaving, not all at once, but in, sort of,
groups, leaving and coming, leaving and coming, your Mass Consciousness remains a
consistency. Where when you are reborn into the physical experience, you can pretty quickly get
up to speed with where you were when you last left. Only this time you have fresh new
exuberance for life, and a new eye with which to explore.

We’re getting back to your “meaning of life” question that you asked earlier—a new zest
of life to explore this contrast that has changed significantly since you were last here. You
undoubtedly come forth into a new framework with new people, with new stimulation. You’re
going to approach life differently this time than you did last time, but all with the same intent, of
this contrast producing eternal new desires within you. Is it all starting to piece together for you?
Or have we lulled you into oblivion with our endless hammering about the same thing?

Kansas City, MO Workshop Closing.

It is exhilarating when you are in physical bodies, which is truly on the leading edge of
thought, and your exposure to the contrast of this magnificent place that you have chosen is
producing within you new feelings of eagerness with new ideas of things that you’re wanting to
experience. And, you’ve come into contact with some awareness of knowing how to bring
yourself into vibrational harmony with your own desires. Life just does not get any better than
that. There is nothing in all of the Universe more delicious than to be physically focused, in a
human body, have plenty of things on your plate that you want, and have absolute knowledge
that you can be or do or have anything. Because you get better and better at discerning and
deciphering and devouring the details, the specifics of this time/place reality.

And there is nothing in all of the Universe more uncomfortable, than to be physically
focused in a human body, with desires pulsing through you, that you are contradicting through
your habit of thought. So the best of all worlds, and the worst of all worlds, is all happening
through the human experience. And that’s why the teacher that you are is significant. Because
every now and again, you meet someone who has powerful desire to understand, and you are in
the right place at the right time to expose them to the information that they are reaching for.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. It is delicious to come together with those
like you, who are coming more and more clearly in every day to an understanding of what
powerful, important, essential Beings that you are. If there were anything that we could imbue
within you, that we could just zap you with, it would be the feeling of self-appreciation. If there
is anything that we know would give you instant and immediate benefit, it would be if you could
just appreciate the value of that which you are about. But of course, it is not ours to zap you. It is
yours to want it and allow it.

And so, we’ll keep zapping you, and you just keep wanting and allowing it, and
eventually you’ll all come into adoring yourselves, as we all adore you. There is great love here
for you. We are complete.

— Abraham-Hicks – Kansas City, MO — 08/29/99