Missing Link for Manifesting

Missing Link for Manifesting

By Jeannette Maw

Are you a dazzlingly skilled reality-creator? If not, here’s a crucial element to becoming one: live in alignment with your core values.

It’s a much-overlooked element to manifesting success. Yes, we all know about clarity of goals, intending, focusing and allowing. But are you living your values? Do you know what your core values are?

When aligned with your values, you’re in the flow, life is good, and you couldn’t screw things up if you tried. When you’re not, it’s nearly impossible to manifest the good stuff.

That’s why it’s important to not only know your core values, but also live them.

Values are what’s important in life, and they differ for each of us. Mine, for example, include independence and freedom – which is why I didn’t thrive until I escaped what I experienced as the corporate slave trade. My former colleagues, on the other hand (who probably value security and structure) are perfectly happy with their lifelong corporate careers.

Your core values could include things like connection, learning, growing, helping, inspiring, spirituality, adventure, humor, family, relationships, excelling, educating, etc. (The variety of “values” is as vast as the people identifying them.)

When we’re not honoring our values, our manifesting efforts are handicapped. For that reason, my tip is to identify your personal values and consistently make choices in alignment with them.

It may be your missing link to manifesting miracles!


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