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Physically Direct Healing Energy

In this video clip Abraham responds to a man who has been trained in Reiki and asks “Can you tell me a little about Reiki energy…and I wonder about being able to direct energy. Can you direct energy with your eyes, with your hands?” Extracted from a workshop in Asheville, NC on April 30, 2005. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

“You can. But, the only thing we want to say about this, you know all you need to know about it but we will add this clarification. The idea of directing energy, smacks a little of asserting energy, where everything is about attraction. So, a healer who has a client who is not feeling well in some way, who then asserts energy to the trouble spot. The advantage that they are giving is that in their expectation of improvement, they could influence the client to a softening of resistance. But you don’t need to assert the energy because the cells of the body of that person, and the asking of that, in other words, when you’re sick you’re asking for wellness in a stronger way than ever before. And the cells of the body are asking also. So, a healer is not necessary to summon and direct energy. That body is summoning energy. The advantage of a healer is the soothing of the energy in order to cause the client to be more receptive to the energy that they’re already asking for.” – Abraham

Video Credit: Vortexy Joy