Church and Religion
Abraham discusses how to incorporate religion into your life in a way that does not separate you from your Source and who you really are.

Letting Go of Religious Beliefs
Abraham answers a man’s question regarding his conflicting beliefs between his religion and Abraham’s teachings.

Finding Value in Every Religion
Abraham responds to a man who asks how to communicate Abraham’s teachings to his Christian clients.

Alignment in Any Religion
Abraham teaches that there is goodness in every religion and we can be in alignment if we see the world through the eyes of Source.

When Children Adopt a Different Religious Philosophy
Abraham addresses a woman’s concerns about the different religious beliefs between her and her son.
Was She Born Into The Right Religion

Was She Born Into the Right Religion?
Abraham teaches that every religion seeks alignment but goes about it in different ways.


“There are many beginnings of many religions that were inspired from inside the Vortex. But as time goes by, those who perpetuate them, do so from outside the Vortex, and use them as clubs…” – Abraham-Hicks

“We do not believe that there is any religion that exists on the planet today that can guide anyone effectively. Because we do not see anyone involved in any religion who is able to tune in to their own guidance. Almost without exception, even though there’s a lot of talk about the spiritual world, and there’s a lot of talk about having conversations with God, and there’s a lot of talk about being tuned in to the Spirit, and there’s a lot of talk about your connection to all of that, we see very little effort made to really understand on a personal basis what that means.” – Abraham-Hicks

“When you looked at your church and you say “it served me so well, and still serves me so well in this aspect, and this aspect, and this aspect.” You don’t have to close the door on something. And what may be troubling you is that church is like almost every other church, it wants you to close the door on everything else…” – Abraham-Hicks