There are different types of sexuality and we each have the freedom and right to choose our own personal preference.


The Law of Attraction and Gay Rights
Abraham answers a woman’s questions about what their take is on gay rights.

Unconventional Love
In this video Abraham answers a man’s question about how gay relationships fit into broader perspective and the whole scheme of things.

Gays: It’s Only Love, No Need to Discriminate
Abraham responds to a gay man who says he has a good life and does not experience discrimination.


Law of Attraction and Homosexuality
By Nea Joy ~ An email from a troubled young man asked, “Is Law of Attraction not working for me because I’m gay?” He went on to say that his life was “doomed no matter what” because of the “sinful” nature of his sexuality.


“You did not specifically declare, from your Non-Physical vantage point, that you wanted to come forth into a physical body and be “gay,” but you did have powerful intentions to come forth into this physical environment into a situation from which you could not be dissuaded. In other words, you knew that you were going to be born into an environment where you would be surrounded by others who believe that they have all the answers, who stand perched to pounce on you to convince you of the correctness of their beliefs.
And from your broader Non-Physical vantage point, you intended, as you came forth into this body, to be different in a way that they would not understand, different in a way that they would want you to change, but different in a way that you could not change. In other words, it was your intention to help others understand the value of diversity and the impossible endeavor of demanding change from those who surround them. When you are willing to change in this way and in that way in order to help those around you feel better as they observe you, you do them a great disservice – for they never discover the freedom that only comes by understanding the power of their own thoughts.” – Abraham Hicks

“Your son being gay is not something that happened to him at college, and this is not a choice that he is making, here and now, from his physical point of view. This was something that was set into his Vibrational Escrow from his Non-Physical perspective before his physical birth.” – Abraham-Hicks – The Astonishing Power of Emotions

“We want you to be who you are, and align with who you are, and who you are is much more than a gay man. You are Source Energy in physical form. You are a lover to the very core of your being. You’re one who loves. You’re one who uplifts. There is so much more to you than your sexuality.” – Abraham-Hicks

“You can’t change gayness to please another. And so…what a gift of unconditional love you bring with that. You say “Here I am. Take it or leave it. It’s up to you. Be unhappy with me as I be, or be happy with me as I be. But I be as I be. This is my gift to you.” – Abraham-Hicks

“We think it’s a wonderful thing when someone comes so in alignment with who they are that they’re not going around looking for confirmation from others. You see this is something that in the gay movement is a bit of a problem too. There are many people who have come forth deliberately intending to live this difference, because they are wanting to find alignment with who they are and not try to find alignment with that one, and that one, and that one…” – Abraham-Hicks