Are you new to the Law of Attraction and want to learn more? Below you will find a list of Law of Attraction teachers and other resources to help you expand your knowledge.

Law of Attraction Teachers

Abraham – Esther Hicks
Theo – Sheila Gillette
Orin & DaBen – Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer
Wayne Dyer
Louise Hay
Bob Proctor
Michael Losier
Bob Doyle
Joe Vitale


Pets as Teachers
In this video clip Abraham teaches why animals are here and what they have to offer us and our planet.

Being Teachers of Abraham Principles
Transcript and video excerpted from the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999.


Finding the Right Teacher in the Law of Attraction
By Beth and Lee McCain – There is no shortage of coaches, instructors, and teachers who can assist you in your pursuit of the Law of Attraction, and each instructor… Read more >>

Finding the Very Best Law of Attraction Teachers Without Author Hopping!
By Gary Evans – Over my few years in self development, I’ve came across many teachers of the Law of Attraction and also many students too. Read more >>