Teaching Children the Law of Attraction

By Denny Hagel

Millions of people worldwide not only have an awareness of the Universal Law of Attraction, but are actively implementing these principles into their lives to deliberately create what they truly desire.

The latest phenomenon that is gathering great momentum is the desire of many of these same people, who are parents, wanting to share this powerful information with their children.

The most often asked question I receive is “How can I teach this powerful information to my children so that they will understand it?” My first response is always an unequivocal, “Live it! Model it!”

Parents are the number one resource of information for their children. Children gather information from their parents to form their opinions, ideas, and attitudes. Research shows that children absorb most of their information based on what they see rather than what they hear.

According to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, the leading edge of our current society’s knowledge and understanding of the law of attraction, children are born into this physical world “knowing” all there is to know from the non-physical state we all begin as. And if left to their own devices will naturally gravitate toward what is positive.

They go on to explain that the role of parents is to encourage, inspire, and allow children to follow their own journey…making their own choices; establishing their own preferences, and forming their own opinions. Parents are to only interfere to keep their children safe from real physical or emotional harm. My mother used to say in response to requests from her five children, “If it won’t hurt you, what’s the harm?” This applied to everything from my 4 yr old brother wanting to play in a mud puddle to my 15 yr old sister’s desire for bangs falling below her eyes!

And so my second response is, “allow them to be who they are”. Parents do not need to teach their children about the law of attraction. An understanding of these principles comes with them as they enter this physical world. Parents simply need to clearly define their role, model what they hope for in their children, and then assist them along their journey to discover, by way of their own experiences, what is pleasing and joyful to them. In other words, parents need to “empower” children to live as they are innately equipped to live.

When their main source of information is modeling what is essentially second nature to them, children will automatically and effortlessly live according to the principles of the law of attraction. When they are encouraged to experience what is interesting to them, they are then blessed with opportunities to create the life they were born to live.

The single most important thing parents can do for their children is to strive to become the best person they can be by working to uncover and release their limiting beliefs, ideas, and opinions that get passed on to their children without their awareness.

We are all born “knowing”…and in time, as we grow we take on the beliefs of the significant people in our lives and as we become more of a part of this physical world, we forget what we once knew.

So, the bottom line answer to parents wanting their children to be able to live their lives from a place of confidence, courage, and a positive mindset is to begin to work toward your own remembering…

To be the Best Parent, it is important to first be the Best You!


Denny Hagel is co-author of “The Missing Secret to Parenting Workshop Series”, author of “Mini-Me Syndrome and founder and co-owner of Innovative Parenting LLC, a company dedicated to helping parents empower their children with an understanding of the principles of the law of attraction at work in their lives. For more information and insights click on: =>