In the book The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Abraham offers an exercise to a mother who says her teenage daughters treat her badly. Here is the closing quote from that chapter:

“When your girls begin to catch wind of your willingness to not only allow them to create their own reality, but to encourage it, the majority of their pushing back at you will stop. It will be as if you have removed the pillow from their faces, and the flailing about will stop immediately…And now you can all get back into your own individual boats an continue your joyous journeys in their wonderful life experience.”


Allow Teenagers to Choose
Abraham talks about allowing teenagers to be guided by their own Inner Being.

Teen Wants More
Abraham responds to a sixteen year old’s question about how he can get more wonderful things in his life.

Words to Share With Teenagers
Abraham responds to a man who asks how they would go about sharing their information with teenagers.